SCDI Meetings in Denver

Posted October 19, 2016 by Dawn

The second meeting of the ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics this year was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Denver, Colorado. XLDent continues to participate in Working Group 11.1 Standard Architecture and Working Group 11.9 Core Reference Data. This year we were invited to participate as a voting member and happily accepted the invitation.

Our working group Chairman, Dr. Mark Diehl, unexpectedly passed away last April. Dr. Diehl’s most notable accomplishment is the work he had done to produce numerous standards and technical reports related to the architecture, data structure, and open implementation of the electronic health record. Most notable are the following:

  • ANSI/ADA Standard No. 1000,Standard Clinical Data Architecture (2001, revised 2010);
  • ANSI/ADA Standard No. 1027, Implementation Guide for Standard No. 1000 (2010);
  • ANSI/ADA Standard No. 1039, Clinical Conceptual Data Model (2006);
  • ANSI/ADA Standard No. 1067, Electronic Dental Record System Standard Functional Requirements (2013).

He was recognized as an expert in the science of clinical informatics and I was proud to have served with him on WG 11.1, 11.9; and, the recent progress we made on ADA Technical Report No. 1091 for Cloud Computing and Data Storage. Dr. Diehl will be missed and we will do our best to continue the work he started. During the Plenary session today, Dr. Amit Acharya was nominated as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Clinical Informatics and Dr. Terry O’Toole as Vice Chairman.

During our session, WG 11.9, which will define a core set of data to support the Implementation Guide for TR 1067, focused on narrowing the scope of the project because the group was not able to make much progress given the expanse of the undertaking. Dr. Mark Jurkovich proposed that we focus on the exchange of information based on current standards that already exist (i.e. X12 835, 837D, 270, etc.) and are successfully in practice to exchandawn-no-backgroundge objects of data, versus focusing on the monumental scope of interoperability. It was concluded that the working group will take a “bottom-up” approach in that we will start with a focus on establishing a standard core set of data that is typically exchanged during a referral between a general dentist and a specialist, for example. All of this will be done with the ultimate goal of achieving interoperability at some point in the future. Keeping this ultimate goal in our sights means that we will need to decide on the standard document or transport mechanism (i.e. HL7 CCDA format) so that we can begin populating it with this first core dataset.

With these meetings wrapping up, I’m on my way to meet up with Duane at the ADMC meeting….and tomorrow the ADA 2016 Exhibit Hall opens!

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SCDI 2015 Meetings in Washington, DC

Posted November 4, 2015 by Dawn

ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics held its Plenary meeting at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Washington DC.  As usual, there were many items on the agenda which included an update from all of the SCDI working groups that met earlier in the week.

XLDent participates in the Subcommittee on Clinical Informatics chaired by Dr. Mark Diehl.  This Subcommittee focuses on data infrastructure, clinical records, and clinical applications for dental practice.  It includes seven working groups and 13 standards and technical reports.  More specifically, XLDent participates in WG 11.1 Standard Clinical Data Architecture, which is up for reaffirmation next year, and WG 11.9 Core Reference Data which was recently created last year for the purpose of establishing a core set of reference data for the Electronic Dental Record.  Working Group 11.1 resolved to table further work on Technical Report 1080, the Implementation Guide for TR 1067, until WG 11.9 can complete work on the core set of reference data.   To put this in understandable terms, we need to establish an agreed upon list of clinical data elements that providers can electronically pass between each other before we can work on the Implementation Guide for the Electronic Dental Record.

Working Group 11.1 will now be focusing its attention on TR 1099, Cloud Computing and Data Storage:  Implications and Recommendations for Dental Practice.  XLDent commented on the first draft of this paper during the meeting and was asked to further review and make edits by Dr. Mark Diehl in the coming months.

Following our meetings here at the ADA in Washington DC, XLDent will be inviting Dr. Amit Acharya, chair of WG 11.9, to our corporate location in Loretto, MN, for the purpose of making some significant progress on the Core Set of Reference Data (TR1084.)

Moving into Thursday and Friday, the ADA will present two CE Courses during the 2015 Annual Session.  The first course is entitled Exchanging Digital Images and EHR Data for Patient Treatment.  This is the course XLDent is participating in again this year.  Dr. Gregory Zeller is the presenter and other participants include Dr. Brent Dove, Sirona, XDR Radiology, Medicor, and Data Motion.  The second ADA sponsored course is entitled The Art and Science of Forensic Odontology – Looking Into The Future and will be presented by Dr. Ken Aschheim, Dr. Robert Barsley, Dr. Lawrence Dobrin, and Dr. Raymond Miller.

Our very own Stacey Steinbach will be demonstrating the secure transfer of EDR records and DICOM images via the XLDent Software at the Secure Exchange course in four separate sessions.  I’m on my way to meet up with her in the Exhibit Hall now to run through a practice run before tomorrow.

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XLDent participates in 2015 ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics Meetings in Chicago, Il.

Posted February 25, 2015 by Dawn

As part of our visit to Chicago, we attended ADA Standards Committee meetings as co-chair of the working group 11.1 for Clinical Data Architecture Standards and observer to the SCDI Plenary meeting.  During our meeting on Tuesday afternoon our working group concluded that in order to move forward, we needed to reference the 1084, or core set of reference data document, that is currently under construction.

At the annual meeting in San Antonio in October of last year, a new working group was created to establish a core set of reference data for the clinical record.  Working group 11.9 is chaired by Dr. Amit Acharya and their first meeting took place Tuesday morning.  Working group 11.1’s approach to the 1080 Implementation Guide will in large part be driven by the resulting work (document 1084) of this group.  XLDent will be participating in construction of the 1084 document and looks forward to working with Dr. Acharya and the 11.9 working group in the coming months.

On Tuesday afternoon, we were all surprised when ADA President, Dr. Maxine Feinberg, addressed the SCDI attendees and expressed her gratitude for our input and the work being done to help make standards a reality in dentistry.  XLDent’s day of meetings wrapped up with a discussion led by Dr. Gregory Zeller on the format and content of the proposed 2015 Teledentistry Course.  XLDent again agreed to participate in this demonstration which will focus on the secure transmission of images and protected health information.  The course content will be very similar to last year with more examples of how to share PHI generated from an electronic dental records system, in addition to DICOM images.  The annual meeting will be held in Washington DC, November 5-7.

During the SCDI Plenary Meeting on Wednesday morning, we discovered that there is an ADA Technical Report in the works for Direct Secure Messaging in Dentistry.  Dr. Brent Dove, who was a driving force behind the associated 2014 CE course, is the author.  It was resolved, that the ADA SCDI approved forwarding the proposed ADA Technical Report No. 1085 for Direct Secure Messaging for Dentistry to the appropriate ADA Council for approval.

Now it’s time to head over to McCormick Place to set up the booth for the Chicago Midwinter Meeting.  If you will be attending, please stop by to see the XLDent Dental Practice Management System in booth #716!!


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2014 ADA Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX

Posted October 8, 2014 by Dawn

XLDent is here in San Antonio, TX at the ADA Annual Session.  The beginning of our week started with SCDI Working Group Meetings and getting up to speed on various projects.  Most of our time was spent with the Subcommittee on Clinical Informatics chaired by Dr. Mark Diehl.  Working Group 11.1 (Standard No. 1080) is under this Subcommittee and is focused on developing an Implementation Guide for Standards in Clinical Data Architecture.  XLDent is actively participating in this workgroup to further development and implementation of a standard for the Electronic Dental Record and clinical charting.

At the meeting Dr. Greg Zeller introduced a subject for a possible new work item; it would cover what information is to be given to the patient when they request their information from their EHR.  This would be a new project based on the requirements of Proposed ANSI/ADA Standard No. 1080 for Implementation of ADA Standard No.1067 – EDR Standard Functional Requirements. Other members suggested it might not need to be a new standard but rather an implementation guide based on Meaningful Use or HIPAA requirements. Dr. Zeller asked the Subcommittee on Information Exchange to develop a new work item proposal for either a new standard or technical report.   Action Item: The ADA SCDI Subcommittee on Information Exchange will develop a new work item proposal for either a new standard or technical report on patient record set–EHR information provided to the patient.

Other working groups that sparked our interest include:

WG 10.4  Data Redundancy – Dr. Scott Benjamin

WG 10.10 Electronic Dental Claim – Dr. Carla Evans

WG 10.11 Guidelines for Hardware and Software – Dr. Mohaednazir Harunani

WG 10.14 IHE Dental Domain – Dr. Kirt Simmons

WG 10.15 Teledentistry – Open

WG 12.1 Digital Imaging – Dr. Scott Benjamin

Stay tuned for more news later….we will be at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center this afternoon running through a dress rehearsal for the CE classes being presented Thursday, Friday and Saturday on the Secure Exchange of Digital Images and EHR Data for Patient Treatment.

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