2016 Chicago Midwinter Meeting Recap

Posted February 29, 2016 by Danielle H

The 151st Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting wrapped up on Saturday, Feb 27th. This year’s festivities did not disappoint! Attendees took advantage of best-in-class education offerings, the chance to connect with colleagues and some pretty awesome nightlife, too! Did you see Navi perform?!Chicago Midwinter 2016 Booth

XLDent enjoyed participating in Working Group 11.1 on Standard Clinical Data Architecture and attending the Oral Health America Gala. Hello Mardi Gras!

Above all, we appreciated the time spent with XLDent users and friends. Thank you to those who stopped by to learn about how the XLDent Practice Management Suite is transforming the electronic dental record and improving patient experiences.

Cheers to 2016, we can’t wait for next year!

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XLDent participates in 2015 ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics Meetings in Chicago, Il.

Posted February 25, 2015 by Dawn

As part of our visit to Chicago, we attended ADA Standards Committee meetings as co-chair of the working group 11.1 for Clinical Data Architecture Standards and observer to the SCDI Plenary meeting.  During our meeting on Tuesday afternoon our working group concluded that in order to move forward, we needed to reference the 1084, or core set of reference data document, that is currently under construction.

At the annual meeting in San Antonio in October of last year, a new working group was created to establish a core set of reference data for the clinical record.  Working group 11.9 is chaired by Dr. Amit Acharya and their first meeting took place Tuesday morning.  Working group 11.1’s approach to the 1080 Implementation Guide will in large part be driven by the resulting work (document 1084) of this group.  XLDent will be participating in construction of the 1084 document and looks forward to working with Dr. Acharya and the 11.9 working group in the coming months.

On Tuesday afternoon, we were all surprised when ADA President, Dr. Maxine Feinberg, addressed the SCDI attendees and expressed her gratitude for our input and the work being done to help make standards a reality in dentistry.  XLDent’s day of meetings wrapped up with a discussion led by Dr. Gregory Zeller on the format and content of the proposed 2015 Teledentistry Course.  XLDent again agreed to participate in this demonstration which will focus on the secure transmission of images and protected health information.  The course content will be very similar to last year with more examples of how to share PHI generated from an electronic dental records system, in addition to DICOM images.  The annual meeting will be held in Washington DC, November 5-7.

During the SCDI Plenary Meeting on Wednesday morning, we discovered that there is an ADA Technical Report in the works for Direct Secure Messaging in Dentistry.  Dr. Brent Dove, who was a driving force behind the associated 2014 CE course, is the author.  It was resolved, that the ADA SCDI approved forwarding the proposed ADA Technical Report No. 1085 for Direct Secure Messaging for Dentistry to the appropriate ADA Council for approval.

Now it’s time to head over to McCormick Place to set up the booth for the Chicago Midwinter Meeting.  If you will be attending, please stop by to see the XLDent Dental Practice Management System in booth #716!!


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Back from the 2014 Chicago Midwinter Meeting!

Posted March 5, 2014 by Duane A

We are now back from the 2014 Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting.  It was an exciting meeting for all who attended, starting with Thursday’s opening day of the Exhibit Hall the XLDent Dental Practice Management Software was a big hit.

From there we moved into Thursday evening with XLDent’s annual sponsored event at Ditkas.  Thank you to everyone who attended!  We appreciate your support of mobile technologies and the work XLDent is doing to further development of the Electronic Dental Record.

XLDent had numerous tablets and options on display, which sparked the interest of many doctors and dental team members.  We were busy with demonstrations up until the show closed on Saturday.

Looking forward to next year!

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More news from the ADA SCDI meetings in Chicago

Posted February 19, 2014 by Dawn

The IHE Dental Domain group is meeting today at ADA headquarters to discuss the 2014 Annual Session Exhibit.  Topics this morning included a review of the SEDI profile and planning for the Teledentistry CE Course:  A live demonstration of secure exchange of digital images.  This teledentistry  demonstration will use standards in commercially available Dental Imaging and Dental Practice Management software systems to securely exchange and display digital dental images and other patient treatment data.

This course will evaluate Electronic Dental Record and Dental Imaging System features for successful teledentistry exchange of images and data among vendor systems.   Discussions will include real world methods of interoperable teledentistry exchange for patient treatment scenarios such as referrals, remote consultation, image submission to third party payers and patient transfers.   Trends for the use of informatics interoperability standards for teledentistry exchanges will also be discussed as part of this course.

Our agenda this afternoon includes the SCDI Plenary Meeting and setting up the XLDent booth at McCormick Place in preparation for the Chicago Midwinter Meeting Exhibit tomorrow.

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ADA 1067 Standard

Posted February 19, 2013 by Dawn

Today, XLDent is with the ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting in Chicago, IL.  XLDent Dental Practice Management Systems will be chairing the committee responsible for defining the dental chart portion of the new ANSI/ADA Standard number 1067 for electronic dental health record systems.  This is an important document that will help drive forward the standards for a common Electronic Dental Record.  XLDent is always looking to improve the future of dentistry by looking ahead and adapting to change, and to help create faster workflows and a better patient experience.

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