More news from the ADA SCDI meetings in Chicago

Posted February 19, 2014 by Dawn

The IHE Dental Domain group is meeting today at ADA headquarters to discuss the 2014 Annual Session Exhibit.  Topics this morning included a review of the SEDI profile and planning for the Teledentistry CE Course:  A live demonstration of secure exchange of digital images.  This teledentistry  demonstration will use standards in commercially available Dental Imaging and Dental Practice Management software systems to securely exchange and display digital dental images and other patient treatment data.

This course will evaluate Electronic Dental Record and Dental Imaging System features for successful teledentistry exchange of images and data among vendor systems.   Discussions will include real world methods of interoperable teledentistry exchange for patient treatment scenarios such as referrals, remote consultation, image submission to third party payers and patient transfers.   Trends for the use of informatics interoperability standards for teledentistry exchanges will also be discussed as part of this course.

Our agenda this afternoon includes the SCDI Plenary Meeting and setting up the XLDent booth at McCormick Place in preparation for the Chicago Midwinter Meeting Exhibit tomorrow.

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