From digital x-ray systems including panoramic, sensor and phosphor plate systems, ImageXL™ stores images from any digital imaging peripheral and integrates them seamlessly into your patients' charts.  Attach images directly to the face of the dental chart, pair with the functionality of a Tablet PC, note watch areas and organize your diagnostic and cosmetic images using one complete solution.  ImageXL™ is compatible with all Dental Practice Management systems and is a necessary component of the electronic dental record.


Complete Organization

One Database • Seamless Integration with XLChart™ • Scalable

Integrate almost any x-ray or camera available - your choice! All images are organized and stored into ONE database.  ImageXL™ is built on an "open design" philosophy, so you are able to take advantage of new technologies as they are developed, making this solution very scalable.  Electronic Image Attachments are supported with NEA Fastattach™.


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Digital Whitening

Quick • Easy

Show your patients just how bright their smile can be with the ImageXL™ Whitening module.  This powerful yet user-friendly tool quickly shows your patients the enhanced look they can expect with whiter teeth.


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Cosmetic Imaging

Professional • Complete • Integrated Simulation

If Cosmetic Dentistry is your specialty, the Cosmetic Imaging module is for you.  ImageXL™ incorporates the ability to demonstrate crown and amalgam replacement, periodontal treatment, orthodontic treatment, and other cosmetic procedures.  Cosmetic Imaging is available with the complete Lorin Library.  Unlike any other smile library, the "versions" of each smile design compensate for the various ways patients smile and for the angle the portrait photo was taken.  You can import the entire smile for each design, or you can create your own "extraction" library from these images for a completely integrated simulation.



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