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XLConnect Practice Communication Service

XLConnect is a comprehensive and automated patient communication solution that integrates and works seamlessly with your XLDent software.

Automated messages via email, text, and phone create an efficient, consistent, and impressive patient experience. XLConnect is user-friendly, intuitive, and features confirmations, recall reminders, online scheduling, patient reviews, reputation management, and much more.

Connecting Patients With Your Practice

Build Relationships:

  • Remind patients of scheduled appointments
  • Confirm upcoming appointments
  • Send birthday and holiday messages
  • Send recall reminders to keep patients on track
  • Online scheduling for new and existing patients

Increase Productivity and Profitability:

  • Consistent messaging reduces cancellations and no-shows
  • Recall reminders prompt patients to schedule
  • Automation and integration with XLDent software
  • Less missed appointments and "no-shows"
  • Create custom email marketing campaigns
  • Manage your reputation with online reviews

Your Practice Will Benefit

XLConnect is designed to save time, reduce no-shows, and impress your patients.

Plus... take your patient communication to the next level with the real-time Patient Portal. XLPortal gives your patients the ability to:

  • Complete Registration Forms for the Entire Family Online
  • View Scheduled Appointments
  • View Proposed Treatment
  • View Treatment History
  • Access Billing Statements
  • Make Payments Online
  • And More!
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