Our clients aren't afraid to boast about us.

" Love the system! Very easy to work with and get around in. "
– Brittany H. – Dental Assistant
" I like being able to check the schedule without having to go up front to the main computer. I can do it right from my tablet! "
– Mary K. – Dental Assistant
" XLDent is the easiest, most helpful dental software out there. "
– Joni M. – Dental Assistant
" XLDent is so easy to use!! We love it!!! "
– Shirley S. – Dental Assistant
" I appreciate the Doc Archive feature that allows you to scan patient documents in one place for excellent organization and easy access. "
– Meredith A. – Office & Dental Assistant
" Ryan is always helpful and friendly. "
– Debbie D. – Patient Coordinator/RDH
" Overall, XLDent is user friendly and they have EXCELLENT customer service that will completely walk you through everything. "
– Meredith A. – Office & Dental Assistant
" We finally went paperless and digital one year ago! XLDent is so easy to use; and if you need help a phone call is all you need to do. "
– Debby B. – Dental Assistant
" “I just think it’s awesome that you included the hyperlink to the chart from the progress note report…” "
– M. Collins, DDS
" I would highly recommend XLDent! It definitely helps our day to day practices run smoother! There are so many great features that keep everyone on track and on the same page throughout our busy day. "
– Krisa B. – Office Manager