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Appointment Reminder Service

XLDent has teamed up with Lighthouse 360 to provide an integrated eReminder Service solution. This comprehensive, automated practice management and patient communication solution works seamlessly with the XLDent software suite for your dental office.

With features such as automated confirmations, patient recalls, and patient reactivation letters, Lighthouse 360 has the ability to send all message types: emails, 2-way text messages, automated phone calls, postcards, and letters. This array of messaging options is beyond what any other communication service can offer and gives you the ability to reach 100% of your patients with the communication channel that best suits them.

Patient Communication Made Easy

Simple Patient Communication:

  • Real-time communication
  • Text patients from your dashboard
  • Automate appointment confirmations
  • Spend less time on the phone
  • No long-term contracts

Why make the upgrade?

  • Office Efficiency
  • Scheduled Recalls
  • Reactivated Patients
  • Fewer broken appointments

What does this mean for you?

Time is saved for yourself and your office staff, increased patient satisfaction, and increased profitability.

Take your patient communication to the next step. The integrated eReminder Service also works hand-in-hand with our Real-Time XLPortal Software. The Real-Time Portal gives your patients the ability to:

  • Complete Registration Forms for the Entire Family Online
  • View Scheduled Appointments
  • View Proposed Treatment
  • View Treatment History
  • Access Billing Statements
  • Make Payments Online
  • And More!
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