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Electronic Claim Processing & Claim Status

Submit your claims with ease and confidence! The XLDent electronic claim processing service takes all the paper and most of the work out of insurance claims. This dental web-based service is also the starting point to benefiting from other integrated services like Real-Time Claim Status, Real-Time Eligibility Checking, and Electronic Remittance Advice. It is an integral part of the electronic dental record.

Key Benefits:

  • XLDent is a networked partner of Change Healthcare, the national leading provider of electronic data interchange services for the healthcare industry (EHNAC and CLAREDI certified.)
  • Immediate validation checks - The XLDent software verifies a claim's validity before it leaves your office, preventing rejections due to incomplete information.
  • Fast, accurate processing - Accepted/rejected reports are sent to you electronically, preventing payment delays due to incomplete or erroneous claims.
  • Expedited cash flow - Insurance payments are received faster because the insurance company receives the claims faster.
  • Real-Time Claims Status - Tracking claims is a snap. Information from insurance companies regarding claim status is available in one click, eliminating the hassle of having to call the insurance company or waiting for a denial to come through in the mail.
  • One-click access to other services - Send your claims as a first step and enjoy the option to add more seamlessly integrated services like Real-Time Eligibility and Electronic Remittance Advice.
  • Download a list of Dental Insurance Payers from the Change Healthcare website.
  • Download Additional Enrollment Forms.
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