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Patient and Doctor Portals

XLPortal is a dental web-based solution that allows you to offer convenience to your patients, build relationships, improve office efficiency and increase your productivity. It is directly integrated with your XLDent dental practice management system to provide electronic dental record information in real-time to you and your patients.

Real-Time Communication at Your Fingertips


Doctor Portal

When away from the office, the Doctor Portal offers dentists a secure way to view schedule and patient information to manage their practice. The Doctor Portal can be accessed from any web browser and most smartphones and mobile computer devices, including iPhone™, iPad™, Tablet PC, BlackBerry®, and Android™.

Accessible information includes:

  • Clinic Appointment Schedule with Provider Filtering Capability
  • Patient Demographics
  • Patient Photo
  • Treatment History
  • Prescription History
  • And More!

The best part about the Doctor Portal is its real-time syncing, uploading or downloading required!

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal integrates seamlessly with your existing website to give your patients a hands-on view of their dental care.

From the comfort of their home or office, patients can:

  • Complete Registration Forms for the Entire Family Online
  • View Scheduled Appointments
  • View Proposed Treatment
  • View Treatment History
  • Access Billing Statements
  • Make Payments Online
  • And More!

Patient demographics and completed forms are automatically stored to your database in real-time, reducing data entry and increasing efficiency. The best part of the Patient Portal is the fact that XLDent's Intelligent Document Center manages and queues forms that require updates on a recurring schedule, such as Patient Health History forms.

To reduce your costs and increase your productivity even more, you can utilize XLDent's FREE eMessage feature to remind patients to log on to their account to complete necessary forms before arriving for their appointment.

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