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XLCheckIn - Automated, Paperless Patient CheckIn

XLCheckIn is the pivotal piece to making the process of going paperless both simple and efficient. It is an important part of the electronic dental record. This powerful tool facilitates patient check in and forms completion via a Tablet PC. Patients can securely complete health history and other forms through an intelligent document center that automatically knows when each form type is due for an update. Patients can also complete forms online from their home or office via a secure patient portal.

Key Product Features:

digital patient checkin & form completion

With XLCheckIn, patients independently check themselves in and complete necessary forms. Forms can be set to auto-recur, or queued by staff from the Intelligent Document Center within the XLDent Dental Practice Management system. Maintain complete continuity and offer your patients more convenience services by pairing with XLPortal Patient Portal, a dental web-based solution.

  • Unattended Operation
  • Intelligent Forms Center
  • Seamless Continuity
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