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Do you prescribe Amoxicillin? How about Vicodin? With states already moving towards banning handwritten prescriptions in the medical and dental fields, get ahead of the curve and use electronic prescribing in your office today! XLDent is the first Dental Practice Management system to offer INTEGRATED ePrescribing services to help you complete your electronic dental health record.

XLDent is certified to send Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS), a major industry achievement that equips XLDent dentists with the ability to securely ePrescribe controlled substances in 49 states. In addition to the simplicity of sending prescriptions electronically, you will benefit from instant access to patient medication history lists, LexiComp's medication database and dental specific information to help you improve patient outcomes.

Integrated ePrescribing services


*ePrescription service works with all Dental Practice Management systems. XLDent is not required. Please inquire about the non-integrated option.

Send Electronic Prescriptions, including Controlled Substances (EPCS)

  • Easily and quickly ePrescribe all prescriptions, including Controlled Substances, directly from the patient's record within XLDent.
  • Helps clinicians to reduce healthcare costs by selecting medications that are preferred by the patient's health plan, that meet therapeutic guidelines and are cost effective for the patient.
  • "Cleaner," more accurate prescriptions reduce the potential for errors and the need for pharmacists to verify details.
  • Protect yourself from prescription fraud by eliminating paper prescriptions.

Improve Patient Safety

  • DENTAL ALERTS warn you of drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions.
  • Lexicomp's Online for Dentistry product is embedded within our ePrescribing solution to provide you with dental specific information at the point of prescribing, such as Vasoconstrictor/Local Anesthetic Precautions and Effects on Bleeding.

Search a patient's Medication History

  • Verify patient medication history and view up to a year's worth of prescribed medications in one click.
  • Gain confidence in knowing what other physicians have prescribed for the patient to improve treatment outcomes.
  • Identify drug seekers and help prevent opioid abuse.

XLDent is a networked partner of DoseSpot, a dental web-based eRx solution.

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