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Patient/Doctor experience

Few things improve the doctor-patient experience more than efficient service and open channels of communication. Your patients will appreciate your efforts to cut down on waiting time and comply with their preferred method of communication.


key benefits

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Real-time dental records to you and your patients

Patient convenience - Build relationships - Improve efficiency & productivity

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Integrated eReminder Service solution

Automated patient communication - Easy-to-use - Comprehensive practice management

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Automated & Paperless Patient Check-In

Electronically facilitate patient check-In, Tablet form completion, Intelligent patient document center

Create Lasting Patient Relationships:

Patient and Doctor Portals

XLPortal is a dental web-based solution that allows you to offer convenience to your patients, build relationships, improve office efficiency and increase your productivity.

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Appointment Reminder Service

XLDent has teamed up with Lighthouse 360 to provide an integrated eReminder Service solution. This comprehensive, automated practice management and patient communication solution works seamlessly with the XLDent software suite for your dental office.

XLCheckIn - Going paperless has never been so easy

XLCheckIn is the pivotal piece to making the process of going paperless both simple and efficient. It is an important part of the electronic dental record. This powerful tool facilitates patient check in and forms completion via a Tablet PC.

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