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Professional Economics Bureau of America, Inc.

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XLDent is dedicated to providing software solutions that are focused on the success of its clients and on enhancing the standard of patient care for improved patient outcomes. We are committed to the continual development of electronic dental health records, mobile solutions and internet-based options in the current development environment with emphasis on proven technologies.

Our Difference

We focus our time and attention on solutions that are in the best interest of our clients and on creating an environment that is secure, rewarding and challenging for our people. It is our goal to be seen as a partner to those we do business with and to dedicate our purpose to the success of everyone we touch.

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Professional Economics Bureau of America, Inc (PEB) is a privately owned Dental Software Development and Services company with its headquarters located at 279 North Medina Street in Loretto, Minnesota. PEB has focused on serving the high technology needs of the dental community since 1971.

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XLDent is committed to providing innovative, valuable software solutions. By working with an elite group of industry-leading Dental Suppliers, we strengthen our ability to deliver cutting edge digital technologies to create a seamless patient care atmosphere.

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