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Nationwide Dental Software Products by XLDent

XLDent offers dental practice management software, including dental imaging software, digital dental record management, dental tablet software and electronic health records software. XLDent products allow doctors and staff to create an interactive experience for their patients, and provides flexibility in the delivery of patient care.

The XLDent Dental Software Suite is developed with the latest software design tools, is a comprehensive dental practice management software and uses MySQL ®, the most popular open source database engine in the world. XLDent's commitment to the continual development of electronic dental health records, mobile solutions and dental web-based options make it the most comprehensive patient-centered solution available.

Choose your state below to learn how your dental clinic can benefit from the increased productivity and improved quality of patient care that the XLDent Suite provides.

XLDent's "All-inclusive" suite features

Our software suite creates a worry-free mobile and tablet friendly workflow, providing your team the tools they need to make your practice most profitable. Learn about our products and eSolutions below.