New Features and Improvements at XLDent

Posted October 22, 2020 by Beth

New Features and Tech Improvements


Here at XLDent, we dedicate ourselves to providing software features and solutions focused on our clients’ success. We express that dedication in our commitment to the continual enhancement and redevelopment of the tools we create. As a company, we focus our time and attention on solutions in our clients’ best interests, and technology improvements are often a part of that. We are continually re-evaluating the current development landscape with a strong emphasis on using proven, secure technologies and features to the advantage of the dental practices that partner with us. 


We are continually assessing the user experience of each tool we create to maximize clinical efficiency, stay current with new technologies, and improve the overall experience. This past summer, XLDent launched a Feature Request Survey initiative to gather input on creating better tools to make the practices we partner with even more successful. These ideas from XLDent practices have now been reviewed, tracked, and prioritized for possible future development. We can’t wait to tell you more about planned features to our next version of XLDent. For now, we’d like to point out some of the technological improvements and features we’ve released in 2020.


XLDent Cloud

XLDent Cloud was released in early 2020 to provide a scalable solution to cloud technology. Our advancement combines our leading dental practice management software with the latest cloud data management technology. It takes all that XLDent practice management software offers and delivers it in the cloud so you and your team can work from anywhere. 

XLDent Cloud allows your practice to:

  • Use a cloud solution for single or multiple locations
  • Centralize data management
  • Streamline software updates, backups, and server needs
  • Integrate with a full suite of comprehensive eServices, such as Real-Time Insurance Eligibility, Electronic Remittance Advice, Patient and Doctor Portals, Encrypted Email, and more



In April of 2020, XLDent launched our already popular service XLDentIT. From the beginning of its development, we envisioned managed IT services that would help your practice save money while improving the ability to focus on patient care. We also recognize that the budget is overextended for the average dental practice at the same time that dentists find themselves relying on technology more often. At this intersection is an opportunity to hire managed IT services like XLDentIT that pay for themselves. XLDentIT empowers you to keep your dental practice running smoothly with comprehensive remote monitoring and management. XLDentIT is an all-in-one solution that meets the IT needs of dental practices, including anti-virus, remote system monitoring, Windows OS patch and updates, installation, and IT support services.


XLCharge Updates

XLDent took significant care to upgrade the XLCharge credit card processing platform and terminal. Not only did we design our improvements to ensure this tool is using the latest security protocols for payment processing, but we also expanded the types of payments XLDent practices can accept. XLCharge now allows you to take even more payments, including contactless and web payments through XLPortal! XLCharge gives you the tools to expedite cash flow, reduce accounts receivable, minimize check-out time, and increase office efficiency in one solution powered by Global Payments Integrated, a healthcare-specific payment processing firm.


Internal Tools

Some of our proudest accomplishments in 2020 are those you may not even notice at all. Throughout the year, we’ve made significant improvements to internal development tools to track and prioritize enhancement requests. We were also quick to implement digital tools for the XLDent team that allowed for a seamless transition to remote work environments when we needed to do so for the Coronavirus pandemic. 



An impressive change still underway is our new platform for XLBackup. Existing backup service customers are now being migrated to this new system, while new customers are onboarded with the new solution already in place. This new platform was launched to improve client resolve time, uptime, and more responsive support.



Thank you!

This was a year of adaptation for a lot of us. We are proud to come through it with all of you! Thank you to each of our clients who inspired us to continue innovating our tools for your success. We also wish to thank each of our employees for their continued dedication to our practices, platforms, and products. We look forward to another successful quarter to end this year and continued prosperity in the new year. 


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Tis The Season

Posted December 27, 2016 by Dawn

In case you missed it, we’ve been sharing some love and holiday cheer with you all month long! Here’s a recap of 25 tips and ideas to help your dental office make the most of the holiday season.

#1     Need help decorating your office for the holiday season? This article will help you make the season bright!

#2     Establishing a loss prevention plan will help you have a stress free holiday season. Learn how you can take the stress out of database management.









#3     Holiday parties lost their luster? Consider showing appreciation to your team by spicing things up.









#4     Keeping your hygiene schedule full is critical…make it easier!

#5     Give your patients a little something extra…

#6     Tis the season for better team communication








#7     Bring your team together in new ways this holiday season.

#8     Manage Online Reviews in one place.

#9     Just for fun….Jingle Barks: Dogs Barking Jingle Bells

Watch it here

#10     A letter to Santa.







#11     “My Two Front Teeth” was written in 1944 by Donald Gardner. He asked his second grade class what they wanted for Christmas and noticed that nearly all of his students had at least one front tooth missing as they answered with a lisp. He wrote the song in 30 minutes.







#13     Wondering what other dental offices do for the holidays? Read this

#14     Did you know XLNotify can help streamline your inter-office communication? For teams of 2 or more…

#15     Tis the season to try something new on social media. Run a contest or share your favorite recipe to get patients engaged with your practice!









#16     Happy National Ugly Sweater Day! Check out this ugly sweater for the dental pro in your life…










#18     Merry Christmas from The Holderness Family. Check out their annual video

#19     Need a gift for the dentist in your life? Maybe some new artwork for the practice or private office.

#20     Reactivating dormant patients is an easy way to boost production. Tis the season to rekindle relationships.

#21     Has the elf on the shelf been visiting your office?

#22     The holidays are busy for everyone. ePrescribing will save time for you AND your patients. Learn more

#23     Feeling generous? Here are some gift ideas that your patients will actually use

#24     Watch: 15 Funny Christmas Animal Clips

#25     Merry Christmas from XLDent!





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4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Dental Office!

Posted March 22, 2016 by Jennifer G

flower near window office building

March is upon us and it’s officially spring! With pleasant temperatures and sunny skies just around the bend, now is the perfect time for “out with the old and in with the new.”

Spruce up that dental office this spring! From your reception area to treatment rooms, there are plenty of ways to turn sterile environments into places of cheer and comfort. Take advantage of these four simple tips to reinvent your office space that’s both pleasing to your patients and staff.


1. Set the Mood with a Splash of Color.

Fun and colorful walls, artwork, waiting room furniture and even friendly colored dental products can ease your patients’ anxiety and calm their nerves. Boring walls and a drab reception area are no fun for anyone. Warm, neutral and inviting colors should do the trick! Try using something from a local artist or scenery specific to your community.

2. Soothing Background Music is Essential.

Catchy tunes can help your patients relax and make the workplace more enjoyable for your staff. Soothing music releases mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain and contributes to the overall environment. Don’t crank the volume too high – choose music that doesn’t distract from conversations taking place between you and your patients.

3. Patient Amenities Add a Personal Touch.

Show your patients that you care about their well-being with a well-stocked reception room. Include basic features such as a coat rack, hand sanitizer, tissues, a TV and a large selection of magazines to make your patients comfortable as they wait. The smell of warm cookies will make your office feel like home. Keep younger patients entertained with an awesome fish tank or monthly coloring contests. A bathroom furnished with warm hand towels and basic toiletries also adds a nice touch.

4. Decorate for Holidays.

Get into the spirit by decking out your office for the holidays and the seasons, too! From your windows to the front desk and treatment areas, celebrate the season with fun and festive decorations. Nothing gives off the vibe of spring more than a fresh bouquet of flowers or the greenery from a new (should we stress living?) plant. The littlest things can have the biggest impact on how your clients feel when they walk through your doors.

Have any tips to add? Let us know how you keep things fun at your dental office!

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XLDent Launches a New Website

Posted January 10, 2012 by Dawn

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website. Here at XLDent we are always evaluating new technologies and testing new ideas. In the redesign of these pages, we felt that it was important for our website to represent what we are trying to deliver in our products. XLDent is an efficient and easy to use software system that always makes use of the latest, cutting-edge technology. We hope the new look and feel portray this.


Now that I’ve introduced the new site, feel free to explore some of the new features and tell us what you think about some of the changes we’ve made. We are hoping to have a new blog roughly every week to keep you up-to-date on what we are doing. You can let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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