3 Things Every Office Manager Should Automate Today

Posted September 16, 2018 by Angela S.

Managing a dental office can be stressful and time consuming! What if there were 3 easy ways you could lower your daily stress, and also increase productivity, while saving you time? By simply automating a few daily tasks, you’ll give yourself some breathing room and see positive results for your practice.

Insurance Payments 

How much time during the day are you spending processing insurance payments: opening, reviewing, entering information, filing, and depositing?

Pay Insurance_ERA

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) is a quick and easy way to process your EOBs electronically. Claims submitted electronically are processed and adjudicated. Instead of sending you a paper EOB, an electronic remittance is sent to your office. Once received, it comes directly into your XLDent software and links to the associated claim automatically. Payment and adjustment (for contracted plans) values auto-populate from the ERA. Payments are typically sent electronically, in the form of an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), saving you the work of opening checks, preparing the deposit, and a trip to the bank. A huge benefit is ERAs are stored on each patient record so looking up a past remittance is just a click away.

All of this affords you cash flow increases, greater accuracy and speed, and quick, easy access. This simple solution will easily save you hours each week freeing you up to focus your time on other responsibilities, such as acquiring new patients.

Appointment Confirmations 

Just think of how many hours you could save each week if you had something that would do the confirming and reminders for upcoming appointments. Text messaging is the MOST used data service in the world, so why not take advantage of XLDent’s automated messaging service. People greatly value their time and taking that time to answer a phone call, or calling you back, may not be high on their priority list. By offering patient’s a convenient way to respond, via email or text message, shows that you value their time while also saving you time along the way. It’s very likely you’ll see a decrease in cancellations and no shows too!

Treatment Plans 

Open spots in the schedule are one of the most frustrating parts of the day. After a plan for treatment is recommended, a patient might easily get busy and forget to schedule it. You can quickly see all treatment plans laid out by the Doctor in XLDent’s Pending and Early List. This list allows you to view the patient, value, length of treatment, and date the treatment plan was presented, giving you all the information, you need to easily fill those open spots. Plus, you’re providing your patients great service knowing you care for their well-being. Have a one-hour spot to fill, or a specific type of treatment that would work best? Filters allow you to see just that. Simply drag the planned treatment off the list into the appointment column to schedule it!

Pending and Early ListWe understand your day is filled with a laundry list of things to do, and that list never seems to shrink. These are three easy and affordable ways that XLDent helps you focus your time so you are able to answer a new patients’ phone call, attend to the patient in front of you, budget office expenses, manage emails, handle payroll, and the many other duties you take care of on a daily basis.

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Overdue Recall: Get Patients Back on Track

Posted September 6, 2018 by Jennifer G

dentist appointment on calendarLife gets really busy, and it’s easy to forget about taking care of ourselves. Patients don’t always schedule a next hygiene appointment, and in the daily whirlwind that drives our productivity for the day, we overlook this. Even more importantly than this huge lost revenue source is the fact that patient health and preventive care is declining. Establishing an effective recall system that includes current patients, as well as focusing on past due ones, is important. Specifically, reach out to patients who have been dormant for several years. You’ll be surprised at how many are eager to get their oral health back on track.

To get started, consider this when reviewing your current recall program:

What does your staff say when calling a past due patient? A personal call goes a long way, and of course, we don’t want to shame anyone for letting preventive visits lapse. It helps to use phrases like we’re concerned for your oral health and we look forward to seeing you soon. Allow team members at least an hour at a time to sit down, review patient accounts, and make phone calls.

Are your patients so busy with long work hours they can’t make it in before 6 pm? You could consider offering a special extended day (or two) when you keep the office open 1-2 hours longer for hygiene patients only. Teamwork allows for a rotation of office staff to alter their hours once per week to accommodate an evening. This option for busy patients is one more way to get the appointment set.

Is the staff feeling incentivized to bring in those lapsed patients? Think about an incentive or treat such as bringing in bagels and coffee at the end of the month if your recall visit numbers reach a new high.

Pre-appoint every hygiene patient who comes in, or at least ask. This is the first step toward improving your retention rate. Soon, patients will come to expect this at their hygiene visits and your recall rate will show it. Encourage them to get the best selection of date and time and schedule it now to get one more thing off the to-do list.

Have you considered making the switch to an automated recall system? Once set up, it can manage how you are reaching out to patients with texts, emails, or postcard reminders about unscheduled visits. This is a great way to save staff time, increase response rate, and connect with patients who have previously been difficult to reach. Automated systems like Lighthouse 360 are designed to manage your current recall and reminders, but also focus on reactivation outreach.

Taking a look at your own recall program and setting aside time each month to focus on overdue patient’s is sure to be successful!

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Patient Communication Made Easy

Posted August 22, 2018 by Angela S.

The main goal in a dental practice is to deliver the best care possible, while also being productive. Sadly, many practices are dealing with low patient retention rates, holes in their schedule due to last-minute cancellations or no shows, and treatment plans falling through the cracks. Every year broken appointments result in costing your practice thousands of dollars in lost revenue, and that’s not including potential money your practice could have made on treatments you were not able to diagnose! Creating a successful, thriving business needs to include a strong, consistent patient communication system. Investing in a system that will help reduce broken appointments, increase patient retention, acquire new patients, and relieve the practice of undesirable frustration that comes with gaps in the schedule, will be well worth the cost.

LHP_homepage_desktopLighthouse 360 is the all-in-one automated patient communication system specifically designed to help your dental practice increase office efficiency, practice production, and patient satisfaction. For a reasonable monthly fee, your practice will receive unlimited calls, emails and text messages, family messaging, 10-minute true time data, perfect recall system, and daily task reports. One of the biggest advantages of using Lighthouse, is that it will save your office staff a substantial amount of time, which they can use to increase patient satisfaction and overall increase profitability. Imagine hiring a person for $2.00 an hour to completely handle confirming patients, scheduling treatment plans, sending out reminders, and managing online reviews. That is exactly what Lighthouse 360 can do for you!

Throughout the month of August, XLDent is offering an incredible promotion when you sign up. Give us a call to set up a free demo to show you how easy Lighthouse is to use. Together, we can help increase productivity and profitability in your practice, so you can offer exceptional care to each one of your patients.


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Energize Your Reactivations

Posted July 25, 2017 by Natalie L.

One of the best ways to grow your active patient base is to create a plan for reactivating your inactive patients. These are patients who have already visited your practice and, for various reasons, have not scheduled their next preventative or treatment appointment. How can you let your patients know that you care about their dental healthcare needs and show them you understand how busy life can be?

Reactivations fill empty chairs1.  Creating a plan for Reactivation is key to making sure there is a consistent designation of “who is doing what” in this process. It’s a good idea to assign someone the task of making sure that the process is being followed, and the calls are steadily completed and communications are being generated and sent regularly. Part of this planning must include gathering accurate data to show where the practice is at, and what goals can be laid out for the next several months. XLDent Reports like the Scheduled Recall, Recall Due, and the Production Analysis Report can make this simple and quick.

75% of the practices’ treatment plans are created from a patient’s hygiene visit

2.  Automation simplifies all aspects of Reactivation. Lighthouse 360 helps reduce the amount of time office staff is spending on calling patients by 94% on average, with 90% of offices seeing an increase in reactivations of 25% or more. Lighthouse is fully integrated with XLDent, and can be customized with your message preferences, style, and frequency.

3.  Make it a team effort! Get everyone involved in making sure every patient is pre-appointed for their next visit, whether that is hygiene recall or for necessary treatment. Have a goal of making a certain number of calls per day, and let everyone know about progress toward that number. Offer a team reward, such as having lunch brought in once per quarter (or sooner), or closing a couple hours early one day, if the reactivation/recall goals are met.

4.  Social Media goes hand in hand with Reactivation! Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, have been called a “Loyalty Platform”, and for good reason. For the most part, advertisers on these sites are “preaching to the choir”, in that people generally “Like” or “Follow” pages for products they themselves are currently using. The Lighthouse solution can help simplify the task of getting patient reviews and helps get those great ones published to all the top social media sites, attracting new patients to your office.

5.  Focus on your mission of caring and make it personal. Have the doctor hand-sign reactivation letters and use words like “The doctor asked me to call you…” when making phone calls, especially those calls meant to re-engage an inactive patient.

Start energizing your reactivations today! Check out how XLDent and Lighthouse can boost your active patient numbers.

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Tis The Season

Posted December 27, 2016 by Dawn

In case you missed it, we’ve been sharing some love and holiday cheer with you all month long! Here’s a recap of 25 tips and ideas to help your dental office make the most of the holiday season.

#1     Need help decorating your office for the holiday season? This article will help you make the season bright!

#2     Establishing a loss prevention plan will help you have a stress free holiday season. Learn how you can take the stress out of database management.









#3     Holiday parties lost their luster? Consider showing appreciation to your team by spicing things up.









#4     Keeping your hygiene schedule full is critical…make it easier!

#5     Give your patients a little something extra…

#6     Tis the season for better team communication








#7     Bring your team together in new ways this holiday season.

#8     Manage Online Reviews in one place.

#9     Just for fun….Jingle Barks: Dogs Barking Jingle Bells

Watch it here

#10     A letter to Santa.







#11     “My Two Front Teeth” was written in 1944 by Donald Gardner. He asked his second grade class what they wanted for Christmas and noticed that nearly all of his students had at least one front tooth missing as they answered with a lisp. He wrote the song in 30 minutes.







#13     Wondering what other dental offices do for the holidays? Read this

#14     Did you know XLNotify can help streamline your inter-office communication? For teams of 2 or more…

#15     Tis the season to try something new on social media. Run a contest or share your favorite recipe to get patients engaged with your practice!









#16     Happy National Ugly Sweater Day! Check out this ugly sweater for the dental pro in your life…










#18     Merry Christmas from The Holderness Family. Check out their annual video

#19     Need a gift for the dentist in your life? Maybe some new artwork for the practice or private office.

#20     Reactivating dormant patients is an easy way to boost production. Tis the season to rekindle relationships.

#21     Has the elf on the shelf been visiting your office?

#22     The holidays are busy for everyone. ePrescribing will save time for you AND your patients. Learn more

#23     Feeling generous? Here are some gift ideas that your patients will actually use

#24     Watch: 15 Funny Christmas Animal Clips

#25     Merry Christmas from XLDent!





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