2014 ADA Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX

Posted October 8, 2014 by Dawn

XLDent is here in San Antonio, TX at the ADA Annual Session.  The beginning of our week started with SCDI Working Group Meetings and getting up to speed on various projects.  Most of our time was spent with the Subcommittee on Clinical Informatics chaired by Dr. Mark Diehl.  Working Group 11.1 (Standard No. 1080) is under this Subcommittee and is focused on developing an Implementation Guide for Standards in Clinical Data Architecture.  XLDent is actively participating in this workgroup to further development and implementation of a standard for the Electronic Dental Record and clinical charting.

At the meeting Dr. Greg Zeller introduced a subject for a possible new work item; it would cover what information is to be given to the patient when they request their information from their EHR.  This would be a new project based on the requirements of Proposed ANSI/ADA Standard No. 1080 for Implementation of ADA Standard No.1067 – EDR Standard Functional Requirements. Other members suggested it might not need to be a new standard but rather an implementation guide based on Meaningful Use or HIPAA requirements. Dr. Zeller asked the Subcommittee on Information Exchange to develop a new work item proposal for either a new standard or technical report.   Action Item: The ADA SCDI Subcommittee on Information Exchange will develop a new work item proposal for either a new standard or technical report on patient record set–EHR information provided to the patient.

Other working groups that sparked our interest include:

WG 10.4  Data Redundancy – Dr. Scott Benjamin

WG 10.10 Electronic Dental Claim – Dr. Carla Evans

WG 10.11 Guidelines for Hardware and Software – Dr. Mohaednazir Harunani

WG 10.14 IHE Dental Domain – Dr. Kirt Simmons

WG 10.15 Teledentistry – Open

WG 12.1 Digital Imaging – Dr. Scott Benjamin

Stay tuned for more news later….we will be at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center this afternoon running through a dress rehearsal for the CE classes being presented Thursday, Friday and Saturday on the Secure Exchange of Digital Images and EHR Data for Patient Treatment.

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