The Insider Threat

Posted November 29, 2016 by Jennifer G

How Well Do You Really Know Your Dental Staff?

computer-screen-with-personIn recent years the trusting relationship between dentists and their staff has come under scrutiny. Questions such as ‘how much control should my staff have?’ or ‘can my staff have access to my prescription pad?’ are questions posed in a dental office on a day-to-day basis, or so we hope.

With 58% of dentists falling victim to prescription fraud, an issue that seems to be hitting dentists is Identity Theft. Not identity theft in the usual sense, but specifically the misuse of a dentist’s DEA number, forged signatures and stolen prescription pads.

The culprit? The Insider Threat comprised of office staff and fellow dentists. As the opioid epidemic kicks into full gear, dental offices are seeing the highest rate of fraud yet with forged prescriptions, specifically for controlled substances, and unfortunately…read the eBook.



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The Dentist’s Role in Preventing Opioid Abuse

Posted August 3, 2016 by Jennifer G

It’s no secret that opioid abuse is soaring in America. In fact, a recent NBC Nightly News report put dentists back in the hot seat. If you haven’t seen, “Hooked: How Opioid Abuse Starts at the Dentist for Many Americans”, watch it here. This report identifies dentists as the gateway to addiction for young people who lack prior experience with opioid prescriptions. Just a few months earlier, the JAMA identified that tooth extractions “may represent an important area of excessive opioid prescribing in the United States”. With this significant amount of attention directed towards dentists, let’s look at a few of the ways providers can make a difference using e-prescribing technology.

Patient Safety

e-PrescribeE-prescribing technology gives the prescriber tools to make safer prescription choices for patients. With e-prescribing, a list of all previously prescribed medications is available in a patient’s electronic chart. As dentists are often limited to knowing only what they have prescribed or what is self-reported, this information is critical to choosing the right prescription for your patient. Drug interaction warnings will appear automatically and include details about the interaction and how to advise patients.

Patient Education

Providers bear the responsibility to educate their patients about their prescriptions. E-prescribing makes it simple to access drug information and review it with your patient. For example, XLDent’s Electronic Prescribing embeds Lexicomp’s Online for Dentistry product for dental specific resources. Take it a step further and provide your patients with drug disposal information for unused medications.

Protect Prescriber Integrity

Dentists who handwrite or print prescriptions put themselves at risk. When the patient has the prescription in their hand, the provider loses control of what happens between the dental practice and the pharmacy. This problem is nonexistent with the use of electronic prescriptions. The possibility of patient intervention is completely removed.

In addition to these 3 ways e-prescribing can impact your practice, Doctors are recognizing increased efficiency and patient convenience. With more states looking to legislation to combat opioid abuse, those using e-prescribing technology are demonstrating a commitment to curb the problem.

Visit our website for more information about XLDent’s e-prescribing technology*.

*XLDent’s e-Prescription service works with all Dental Practice Management systems. XLDent Practice Management Software is not required.

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Iowa Doctor Takes Advantage of Our E-Prescribing Software!

Posted January 11, 2016 by Duane A

The day of handwritten prescriptions and the problems associated with ordering prescriptions for patients have been simplified. With the e-Prescribing software by XLDent, Dr. John Clay at Clay and Associates, DDS, PLC will prescribe medications electronically directly to the pharmacy for the patient.

Sending electronic prescriptions is controlled directly from the patient’s records. This method is a cleaner and more efficient way by reducing potential errors and the need for pharmacists to verify details. The prescription history is viewable by medical and dental staff which also reduces drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions. The software provides specific information at the point of prescribing, such as vasoconstrictor/local anesthetic precautions and effects on bleeding.

The service assists in reducing healthcare costs by selecting medication that are preferred by the patient’s health plan. It will also verify patient medication history and view up to a year’s worth of prescribed medications in one click. This provides a comfort level for the dentist in knowing what other physicians have prescribed for the patient to improve treatment outcomes.

John Daniel, Jr., Pharmacist with Daniel Pharmacy states, “We are looking forward to electronic prescriptions, including controlled substances from Dr. John Clay because it can reduce fraud, abuse, improve safety and convenience for patients. This includes all schedules of controlled drugs (C-II through C-IV). Unfortunately, many doctors and pharmacists are not aware that EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances) is legal in all 50 states and that it is a very secure way of sending prescriptions to pharmacies due to requiring a two-factor authentication. In order for a prescriber to be able to send controlled substance prescriptions to a pharmacy, their electronic medical record software must be certified, audited and enabled for EPCS, achieve required ID proofing, and secure their two-factor authentication credential. We are currently receiving electronic prescriptions which has been very efficient.”

In 2010, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) published its interim final rule which gave practitioners the option of writing prescriptions for controlled substances electronically as well as allowing pharmacists to receive, dispense and achieve electronic prescriptions.

Having issues with handwritten prescriptions? Take advantage of XLDent’s E-Prescribing software to stay ahead of the curve!

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U of M Dental Students Lunch and Learn

Posted March 11, 2015 by Andre M

This afternoon Andre Montgomery was at the University of Minnesota Dental School talking to the students on the future of dental practice management software and the electronic dental record.  The students had some very good questions in regards to the cloud.  They were curious to know its benefits over traditional systems and also wanted to know how cost effective it was.  We discussed the advantages of XLDent’s hybrid system versus a system based solely in the cloud and how the monthly subscription costs of a dental web-based solution far exceed the cost of ownership of a server-based model over time.

They were especially excited to see XLDent’s ease-of-use in the charting module, as well as the Tablet PC technology and its total mobility.   Several students commented that they were “blown away” by XLDent’s advanced technology and seamless integration with ePrescribing and digital x-ray technologies in comparison to the systems they are currently working within school.

Most all of the students picked up XLDent’s new start-up flyer (a special promotion for new dentists in practice) with the idea that someday they would build or buy a practice with XLDent.

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XLDent’s EPCS Certification

Posted February 19, 2015 by Dawn

See February 19, 2015 PRWeb blog, XLDent’s EPCS Certificationby the DoseSpot e-Prescribing Integration Team on XLDent successfully Completes Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances Certification with Drummond Group.

DoseSpot, an industry leader in e-Prescribing integration platforms for medical, dental and telehealth software, today announced that Professional Economics Bureau of America’s XLDent has successfully integrated DoseSpot’s EPCS certified module for Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS). In addition, XLDent successfully completed an EPCS integration review by Drummond Group and XLDent’s dental customers are now equipped to e-Prescribe controlled substances in 49 states.

“Following DoseSpot’s successful completion of EPCS certification last year, we are thrilled to be working with our existing customer base to provide EPCS capabilities within our easy-to-use prescribing interface” said Greg Waldstreicher, CEO, DoseSpot. The certification comes in advance of the New York state mandate whereby all prescriptions must be sent electronically including controlled substances. The mandate goes into effect March 27, 2015 and will have a major impact on the dental industry as dental providers are most frequently prescribing a combination of antibiotics and controlled substances.

The DoseSpot Dental platform integrated with XLDent offers dentists the ability to route e-Prescriptions to the patient’s pharmacy of choice after automatically checking for any drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions. “With the NY mandate on the horizon and recent reclassification of hydrocodone combination medications, it’s critical for dental providers to adopt an e-Prescribing solution capable of sending all prescriptions electronically” added Greg. “XLDent continues to be at the forefront of dental e-Prescribing and we’re excited to see what the future has in store for e-Prescribing in dentistry.”

“XLDent partnered with DoseSpot in 2011 to offer integrated e-Prescribing services when it was mandated by the state of Minnesota and now we’re excited to be one of the first dental software solutions to integrate EPCS capabilities into our Dental Practice Management and Electronic Dental Record offering” said Dawn Christodoulou, President, Professional Economics Bureau of America, Inc. “It continues to be a pleasure to work with DoseSpot, a company that shares in our vision to bring valuable, patient-centered solutions to the table.”

For more information on DoseSpot’s EPCS software, please visit or contact Lindsay Walsh, Lindsay(at)dosespot(dot)com.”

To learn more about Electronic Prescribing, XLDent Dental Practice Management software, eSolutions and Products, visit or call 800-328-2925.

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