So You’ve Been Referred to XLDent

Posted October 1, 2020 by Beth



When another dentist suggests XLDent to you, they might let you know why they’ve put their trust in our products to run their practice. Since the XLDent Suite is the first and only comprehensive suite of dental software products designed for Tablet PC and wireless technologies, XLDent provides flexibility in delivering patient care and service offerings that makes each office we partner with genuinely unique. 

If you’re ready to learn more, here is a list of resources we have curated to introduce you to the XLDent Suite Life!


Getting Started

Whether you have an existing practice or are starting a new practice, XLDent is here to guide you in managing or establishing a successful dental practice. A startup clinic, for example, will realize immediate financial and efficiency savings by implementing the entire XLDent Suite on opening day. On the other hand, for an established paper-based dental clinic, the office environment and internal staff dynamics are pre-existing, so entering the digital age in stages is a much better approach. Phased implementation is one of the most flexible benefits of XLDent.


Visit our Getting Started page to choose your path in learning more about working with XLDent.


Connect with Us

Don’t be shy! We want to get to know you, too. Social media can be an excellent place for us to connect and for you to read more about XLDent. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Request a Live Demo

A personal tour of our dental software solution can help your practice envision how XLDent might work for you in your office(s). If you want to see XLDent up close, request a Live Demo. These live, virtual demonstrations are available by request. We can coordinate a time that works with your schedule. A Live Demo is also an excellent opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the XLDent Suite.


XLDent Referrals

Since you’ve been referred to XLDent by a current client, you may be qualified for a 10% reduction to your annual subscription fees! You can learn about our XLDent Referral program (and much, much more) over on the XLDent blog. To apply for the discount, make sure you specify the dentist’s name who referred you in the “Best Time to Reach You” box as you request a Live Demo.


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How to Refer to XLDent

Posted September 24, 2020 by Beth

Copy of How_to_Refer_To_XLDent

With all the dental industry changes in 2020, this is a significant time to introduce other dentists to XLDent. We’ve created XLDent Referrals to make that process rewarding and easy. Here are five simple steps to referring to XLDent. 


Step 1: Follow the Rewards

Referring dentists to us should be rewarding. If you refer another practice to XLDent, we want to give you 15% off your annual subscription fees. XLDent Referrals is our new program that allows your practice to receive 15% off your yearly subscription fees each time a dentist you referred pays for a year of service in advance.


Step 2: Share the Resources

Fellow dentists are sure to want to know why you chose XLDent. We hope you’ll be able to share how our software has helped your practice in your own words. We also hope you’ll be able to say that our company has been a great partner to your practice and that you’ve noticed that we dedicate ourselves to your success. You can get more inspiration on why referrals matter and how to make them in our blog post Software Referrals for Dental Practices.


Of course, you’ll also want to mention that as an XLDent client, you can get them a discount! They’ll get 10% off their annual subscription fees when they pay for a year in advance.


Step 3: Show Them the Start

We’ve curated a lot of content on to help dentists learn more about how XLDent can breathe some fresh air into their workflow and help them make their practice as profitable as possible. While each practice we work with is unique, generally established practices are looking for a practice management system that can grow with them while new practices are looking to launch with a strategic plan and experts’ help. No matter where a practice is now, we can help guide them toward a successful dental practice on our Getting Started page at


When the dentist you refer is ready to learn more, ask them to click the request a Live Demo at the top of any page on our website and specify your name in the “Best Time to Reach You” box.


Step 4: Claim a Referral 

To claim a dentist that you referred to XLDent, send your colleague’s contact information to We’ll be able to match up your referral through their demo request form. Thanks for referring to XLDent!


Step 5: Enjoy the Rewards

Your practice will earn 15% off your annual subscription fees once your colleague commits to one year of subscription and pays in full. They’ll also get 10% off their annual subscription fees when they pay for a year in advance. We look forward to working with you both for years to come. 


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Software Referrals for Dental Practices

Posted September 11, 2020 by Beth



No one knows referrals like dentists know referrals. Dentists make referrals based on the patient’s unique needs and based on the consulting or specialist dentist’s education, training, and experience. In dentistry, referrals are a critical part of choosing the right provider and receiving the best care. The same is true of referrals for the tools you use in your practice, including software like XLDent. We recently launched XLDent Referrals because we recognize how mutually beneficial it is to grow our company with dentists similar to our successful clients.

When finding new software for your practice, you will consider many different platforms, products, features, and capabilities. A referral from someone who uses the software that you are considering is a pivotal way to choose which investment you’ll make in your practice.

Choosing software is not just selecting a product based on features–it is also appointing a software company that will play a significant role in your practice’s success. Another clinician’s recommendation is invaluable when looking for the right fit. We have collected some of the biggest reasons we believe referrals are essential considerations when selecting the right software for your dental practice’s health. Among them are the many reasons that XLDent clients refer to us.
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