Software Referrals for Dental Practices

Posted September 11, 2020 by Beth



No one knows referrals like dentists know referrals. Dentists make referrals based on the patient’s unique needs and based on the consulting or specialist dentist’s education, training, and experience. In dentistry, referrals are a critical part of choosing the right provider and receiving the best care. The same is true of referrals for the tools you use in your practice, including software like XLDent. We recently launched XLDent Referrals because we recognize how mutually beneficial it is to grow our company with dentists similar to our successful clients.

When finding new software for your practice, you will consider many different platforms, products, features, and capabilities. A referral from someone who uses the software that you are considering is a pivotal way to choose which investment you’ll make in your practice.

Choosing software is not just selecting a product based on features–it is also appointing a software company that will play a significant role in your practice’s success. Another clinician’s recommendation is invaluable when looking for the right fit. We have collected some of the biggest reasons we believe referrals are essential considerations when selecting the right software for your dental practice’s health. Among them are the many reasons that XLDent clients refer to us.

Dentists Know Dentists

Dentists with practices similar to your own will face similar operational challenges. If you are to rely on a software product to operate your business, the opinion of someone who has been in a similar situation with the same tool is invaluable.


Your Goals, Your Way

Are you curious about becoming more automated, or maybe even going paperless in your office? XLDent clients refer to us because the XLDent Suite of dental software products’ creates the freedom and flexibility necessary for such a goal. Is the overall productivity and profitability of your practice key to your investment decision? XLDent clients refer to us because the fluid, modular design of the XLDent Suite offers a single patient-centered, productivity-based system of operation.

Your Unique Dental Practice

You can expect a standard software product to achieve standard results, which doesn’t always suit your individual practice’s needs. Dentists like you that operate practices such as your own make recommendations based on your practice’s overall structure, staff, patient population, and other unique details that don’t always fit the mold of standard products.

Context for Success

If you are opening a startup clinic, other dentists who have implemented XLDent from their launch will tell you that you can realize immediate financial and efficiency savings by implementing XLDent Suite on opening day. If you are already running an established dental clinic, other dentists who have switched to XLDent will know how to switch successfully. They will recognize the importance of working with a talented implementation team leading gradual change in phases to be less disruptive of the established office environment and internal staff dynamics.

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