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The business of managing your practice is challenged with deciphering various reports and figures. Practice management is more than just staring at some reports at the end of the week or month. With the KPI Dashboard, you no longer need to ask office staff to run reports or produce management stats for you. You get a real-time view of the data and numbers behind your practice, giving you a better understanding of your productivity, performance, profitability and ability to grow it.

Real-Time Practice Performance

KPI Dashboard, Dental Practice Management

Key Benefits:

  • Automated and accurate practice analytics in real-time
  • Quickly see key performance indicators (KPIs) with consolidated data
  • Cloud-based access to monitor daily activities from anywhere, anytime, and any device
  • Easily measure production, collections, active and new patients, and recall metrics
  • Give access to your entire business team – accountant, consultant, associates, business managers, and more
  • Administrative controls for who has access and what they can see
  • Watch your business grow by comparing current and past information
  • No uploading, syncing, or sharing your practice data with a 3rd party

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