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Posted August 20, 2020 by Beth

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When we released our XLDent Cloud solution back in March, we wanted to offer dental practices both an on-premise and cloud option for our already robust software suite. XLDent Cloud combines our leading dental practice management software with cloud data management technology.

The needs of dental practices are constantly evolving. So is technology. XLDent Cloud offers a scalable cloud solution that can meet your practice where you are now, and scale with you as you grow. XLDent Cloud allows your practice to:

  • Use a cloud solution for single or multiple locations
  • Centralize data management
  • Streamline software updates, backups, and server needs
  • Integrate with a full suite of comprehensive eServices, such as Real-Time Insurance Eligibility, Electronic Remittance Advice, Patient and Doctor Portals, Encrypted Email, and more

XLDent Cloud is a hosted cloud system that is managed and maintained by XLDent as your cloud service provider. That means you will have access to your information. However, XLDent manages the server systems on which that data is ultimately located.

How do you know if a cloud deployment will meet your practices needs any better than an XLDent solution hosted on a server in your practice? We’ve curated a list of a few of the top reasons that dental practices choose XLDent Cloud for your consideration.


Always Ready

With XLDent, all of your clinical documents, charts, patient contact information, and other practice management data can be accessed at any time, by any authorized user. XLDent Cloud allows you to work in a secure environment without complicated network connections to retrieve your data. Your data is synced and stored in the cloud.



XLDent Cloud creates the flexibility to work from home. All of the information stored in XLDent Cloud is synchronized in real-time so you can access it from anywhere. Your data is encrypted with secure password protection. XLDent Cloud simplifies availability while keeping data safe.


Always the Best Service

XLDent takes responsibility for managing the device on which all of your data is stored. You can expect the same level of service you’ve come to trust in the XLDent brand. Our experienced highly-trained IT professionals are dedicated to the security and health of your systems. We pride ourselves on being proactive and service-driven. 


Save Money

When you do not need to manage your server hardware at your practice on your own, there is no need to find and hire more experienced and more expensive IT staff and server administrators to address this aspect of the system. XLDent’s dedicated and experienced IT professionals are already looking out for your system. Your practice can also skip the cost of server hardware and still expect to enjoy the latest data storage advancements. 



Protecting clinical data has always been a top priority for XLDent. We consistently choose the latest industry-standard security protocols. We stay on top of the newest security updates so that we are sure to provide the most secure platform possible to your practice. 


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