Customized Solutions for Pediatric Practices

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XLDent for Pediatric Practices

Pediatric offices uniquely require workflows for a fast-paced, kid-centered environment. The XLDent Pedo Suite improves office efficiency and productivity, allowing you to be mobile and create an interactive experience for kids and parents alike. Show pictures and explain good oral hygiene to kids in a non-threatening way and ask for parent treatment consent and signature all on the same device! With XLDent Pedo, it’s that easy and that fast!

All-Inclusive Solutions for Pediatric Practices

Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive design and organization
  • Flexible pediatric dentition chart options
  • Referral tracking and customizable communications
  • Interactive sorting, filtering, and grouping of practice data
  • Easily connect and manage multiple locations
  • Unique solutions to seamlessly join multiple specialties
  • Cloud and server-based options to suit your needs
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XLDent's "All-inclusive" suite features

Our software suite creates a worry-free mobile and tablet friendly workflow, providing your team the tools they need to make your practice most profitable. Learn about our products and eSolutions below.