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Posted September 2, 2020 by Beth

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Give a discount, get a discount

With the all-new XLDent Referral program, every practice you refer to us will receive 10% off their Subscription Fees when they commit to at least one year of access to XLDent and pay in advance. Your practice will also earn 15% off your annual Subscription Fees when those terms have been met.


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How to Refer to XLDent

  • To refer a colleague, send your colleague’s contact information to
  • Ask your colleague to request a Live Demo and specify your name in the “Best Time to Reach You” box.
  • That’s it! Your practice will earn 15% off your annual Subscription Fees once your colleague commits to one year of subscription and pays in full.


The Fine Print

XLDent is a tiered, stackable Referral Program with a double-sided reward system. To qualify, your colleague must:

  • Commit to a minimum of one-year XLDent subscription
  • Pay in full in advance

Both parties will then be rewarded as follows:

  • Your Colleague: 10% reduction to annual Subscription Fees
  • You: 15% off upcoming annual Subscription Fees for each colleague
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