See You There! 2015 Chicago Midwinter Meeting!

Posted February 16, 2015 by Dawn

This year at the Chicago Midwinter meeting, XLDent will again be participating in ADA Standards Committee meetings.  As co-chair of the 11.1 working group, we hope to make progress on moving the Electronic Dental Record standard forward.  As it stands now, dentists participating in the EHR Medicare/Medicaid Incentive Program have to demonstrate Meaningful Use based largely on medically relevant criteria.

The workflow disruption and additional labor time required to capture information that is not mission critical in the delivery of dental care has made the prospect of receiving incentive dollars less and less attractive.  We are working hard to establish a meaningful standard for the dental specialties.

For the dental patient care industry, this translates into implementation of a standard through which electronic information about a patient’s treatment and need for treatment will be shared between specialties and primary care givers.  This prospect is very exciting for XLDent, as our mission focuses on creating efficiencies for our clients and on enhancing the standard of patient care for improved patient outcomes.

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