Use XLTeach by Consult-PRO™ in your clinical areas to reinforce treatment recommendations and in your reception or consult areas to help promote interest in cosmetic dentistry.  You can save time by eliminating repetitive explanations and foster good oral hygiene habits in your patients.  XLTeach™ is compatible with all Dental Practice Management systems.


Consult-PRO™ is the world leader in Dental Patient Education Software.  With over 14,000 users world wide, Consult-PRO is unique in its overwhelming acceptance by, and appeal to, the general public and the academia of dentistry.


Cloud & Mobile Access Anywhere

Zero to Understanding in 30 Seconds • Education Made Easy • 850 Presentations • Anywhere


XLTeach by Consult-PRO™ Cloud is at the cutting edge of emerging technology that includes 3D animations, still images and clinical photos to educate patients and increase case acceptance. XLTeach Cloud gives you more choices for accessing dental education anywhere.


XLTeach by Consult-PRO™ IPad App is included as another dental education solution.


The power of CLOUD means that anywhere you have an internet signal, you have XLTeach by Consult-PRO™.

• Add patient before and after pictures.
• Create the perfect series of movies for the waiting room.
• Check the education history of tomorrow’s patients.
• Change the movies on your Website’s WEBLink.
... All from the comfort of your own home!

All the Power of XLTeach by Consult-PRO™, in the CLOUD!


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WebLink For Your Website

Mini Online Version of Award Winning Patient Education • 101 Animations to Choose From

WebLink is a link on your website and comes preconfigured with your choice of 24 or 40 3D animated movies in 5 categories.  Educate your patients on your website from the comfort of their own homes using this powerful dental web-based solution.


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