The XLDent™ dental practice management system takes advantage of the latest in software development and design tools to provide you with the most intuitive, robust, easy-to-use dental program available.  XLDent™ is an electronic dental records system that automates key business processes and ensures dental teams have the tools they need to manage the practice more profitably.



Dental Patient Screen

Individually Customizable • Extremely Accessible • User Friendly

The versatile XLDent™ Patient Screen can be customized to suit every individual users needs and job functions.  All patient information is available from one screen.  The Patient Toolbar offers easy access to patient history, treatment plans, patient alerts, the patient document archive center; and, dental web-based solutions such as prescriptions, insurance eligibility, and insurance claims.


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Dental Appointment Scheduler

Fast • Powerful • Customizable

The Appointment Scheduler's easy to use design delivers a fully customizable, complete scheduling solution. Features include email and text appointment reminders, printable color schedules, daily task pad, multiple schedule views, powerful appointment search, and MORE!  XLDent's Appointment Scheduler is the easiest, most flexible appointment scheduler you will ever use.


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Post Treatment

Intuitive • Interactive • Inclusive

The Post Treatment Screen allows even the most novice of users to enter procedures and check out patients like pros.  Treatment can be entered from predefined buttons or from the interactive treatment tree.  You can view patient history, add a statement note, update claim narratives, process a credit card payment, print a patient receipt, and MORE all from one inclusive screen!


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Dental Reports & Patient History

Instant Data Sorting • On Screen Flexibility • Powerful Reporting

XLDent's instant data sorting capabilities offer doctor-friendly analytical management tools.  XLDent™ includes a Suite of Reports, Patient Quick Letters, Word Merge capability, and a Document Archive Center.  The latest in grid technology provides users with on screen data organization control, and relevant reporting filters offer increased reporting power with greater flexibility.


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