The straight forward, efficient design of XLDent™ doesn't stop at the front office.  It begins with XLChart™.  Featuring anatomically correct tooth charts, realistic restoration graphics, periodontal exams and progress notes, XLChart™ creates the most powerful electronic dental records system available.  The innovative treatment chart is customizable for any clinician and allows for all information to be displayed on one screen for easy viewing.

Ink On Chart

Make Notes • Educate • Engage Your Patients

Paired with the functionality of a Tablet PC, the Ink on Chart feature becomes as simple as writing on a clipboard. Use different ink colors and pen strokes to note, organize or emphasize conditions and information. All notes added with Ink on Chart can be hidden with the click of a button, then viewed again when you want to see them.  It's a great tool to engage and educate patients on work that needs to be completed.


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Periodontal Exams

Customizable Exam Order • Multiple Entry Options • Fast

Exams can be customized for any entry order. They can be voice activated or completed with a keyboard/mouse/pen. Exams can be graphically or numerically presented. Easily compare exams to track and manage treatment progress, and print or digitally send them in support of insurance processing or to collaborate a case with a colleague.


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Ink Forms

Digitize Any Form • Easy • Flexibility of Paper without Paper

Now your charts can truly be paperless.  With the Ink Forms feature and a Tablet PC, any exam sheet or patient form can quickly be digitized and added to your Ink Forms library.  XLChart™ and Ink Forms can provide you with the flexibility and power of a paper chart without the paper, putting it in a class of its own.


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Clinical Progress Notes

Supports Individual Style • Fluid • User Driven  • Superior Documentation

Progress Notes and Materials are completely customizable and can be modified independently to maximize flexibility and efficiency in the operatory.  Note libraries may be designed to suit the needs of each clinician's individual note taking style and may be configured for complete or semi automation, or can be completely user driven.  The structure and design of this electronic dental records system allows for fluid, superior documentation.  Many clients have commented that it is the best clinical notes system available. Notes are locked for security and cannot be altered.


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