XLBackup - Offsite Backup Storage

XLBackup™ is a managed, fully automated, online, off-site, data protection service that can help you keep a potentially serious business risk under control.  It can enable your organization to quickly restore lost files, images and critical data to get your office back up and running in a disaster recovery situation.  XLBackup™ is compatible with all Dental Practice Management and Image Management solutions. It is a necessary component of your electronic dental records management.


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Managed Service

The XLBackup™ dental web-based service includes professional management of your backup solution. The managed service  includes storage management and optimization, data integrity/verification checks, and annual disaster recovery fire drills.

HIPAA Secure

XLBackup™ uses HIPAA compliant encryption technology and stores your data in multiple data centers.  The solution is consistent with NIST publication 800-11 and follows Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2. 


Autonomic Healing

This automated process runs in the remote data center.  Performing in the background, it scans the entire storage to ensure data integrity by checking data blocks and comparing digital signatures for inconsistencies.  When corrupted data is uncovered, measures are taken to notify you and resend the data that was marked corrupted.

Agentless Cloud Backup

Agentless cloud backup does not require agents to be installed for each machine or application that needs to be protected, making it more secure and easier to support and manage.

File Elimination or De-duplication

De-duplication identifies duplicate data by looking for the same data queued for backup more than once.  Data is compared based on its content to the appropriate repository and a pointer is used to point from the data’s original location to the library location.

Local Storage

An encrypted copy of the latest generation of designated backup sets on the local LAN ensures that these backup sets are always available for immediate restoration at LAN speed.

Message Level Restore

Allows users to selectively backup and restore individual files and directories.

Backup Lifecycle Management (BLM)

The purpose of BLM is to enable cost-effective, long term data storage by XLDent, your Managed Service Provider.

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