Fully Integrated Electronic Dental Solutions


Dentistry is a highly personalized service requiring the nurturing of relationships and the ability to communicate with patients on their terms.

XLDent’s unique delivery platform gives you the tools to engage your patients in the ways they prefer and allows you to create a doctor-patient relationship your patients will keep coming back for.


Our Patient Service Solutions:

Patient and Doctor Portals

XLPortal is a dental web-based solution that allows you to offer convenience to your patients, build relationships, improve office efficiency and increase your productivity.

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Appointment Reminder Service

XLDent has teamed up with Lighthouse 360 to provide an integrated eReminder Service solution. This comprehensive, automated practice management and patient communication solution works seamlessly with the XLDent software suite for your dental office.

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Electronic Prescribing

Easily send prescriptions electronically and benefit from instant access to patient medication history, LexiComp's medication database, drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions.

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SecureMail is a simple, secure, easy to install solution for Dental Practices sending sensitive patient information or attachments through email and meet HIPAA compliance.

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Credit Card Processing

XLCharge gives you the required tools to expedite cash flow, reduce accounts receivable, minimize check-out time and increase office efficiency in one seamlessly integrated solution.

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Practice Marketing

Marketing is an essential part of growing your practice. It sends a first impression to your patients as well as other medical professionals in your community.

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Practice Operations

Good business operations involve patient-doctor or patient-staff interactions at every turn. XLDent offers more than a collection of software features; it offers built-in business solutions.

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