MN eHealth Summit 11th Anniversary

This week, XLDent attended the 11th Anniversary MN eHealth Summit in St. Louis Park, MN.  On the second day of the event the keynote speaker Mitchell H. Katz, MD now the director of the Los Angeles County Dept. of Health Services shared his unique insights to the applicability of data elements when caring for patients and using that information to inform on population health.

XLDent enjoys being part of the eHealth Summit in order to advance the interoperability between all types of healthcare records. We are also helping Mark Jurkovich, DDS, MBA, MHI and Bridgett Anderson, LDA, BA-Regulatory Affairs Manager for the MDA to educate dentists on XLDent’s EDR (Electronic Dental Record).

This year, the eHealth Summit hosted educational workshops for specialty healthcare settings, and Dentistry was one of them.  This workshop gave dental attendees an opportunity to openly discuss how the 2015 EHR Mandate will affect Dentistry.

Ms. Anderson invited XLDent as a guest presenter to help show how XLDent’s EDR can work in a dental environment.  The demonstration includes clinical workflow as well as XLDent’s integrated secure email and ePrescribing solutions.

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2015 American Academy of Pediatrics Dental Meeting

XLDent is here in Seattle, WA supporting the AAPD by being part this year’s annual Pediatric Dental Meeting.  Many doctors are stopping by to see the ease of use of our Electronic Dental Record.  We have many pediatric dentists currently using our systems, as they find it to be much easier to use with far more efficient workflows than anything else on the market.  All of the new prospects that are stopping by see the immediate benefits of XLDent’s tablet technology and are making comments that it is a perfect fit for the fast-paced pediatric office.

While here in Seattle, we also visited Burkhart Dental’s corporate office.  XLDent is very proud to have Burkhart as a distribution partner.  We work closely with them to ensure the success and satisfaction of all our clients.

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SDDA Annual Meeting May 14-16, 2015

The South Dakota Dental Association’s Annual Session is off to a great start. Many Doctors and staff have already stopped by to learn more about XLDent’s Electronic Dental Record. Attendees who stick around Saturday will have the opportunity to attend Dr. Mark Jurkovich’s presentation “Electronic Dental Records: How Do I Get There and Why Should I Go?” We are looking forward to another great year as the 2015 SDDA Annual Session continues.

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AACD Meeting in San Francisco

XLDent was at the Celebration of Excellence Gala with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) in San Francisco this past weekend.  We were there to celebrate the newly accredited fellows. Marc L. Montgomery, DDS, an XLDent client, is now one of 66 in the world to meet the requirements of an AACD fellow.  We are very proud of Dr. Montgomery’s achievement and congratulate him on this very prestigious title!  Enclosed is a picture of Dr. Montgomery, Chessa his wife, Andre his brother with his wife Julianne. Also enclosed is a picture with Dr. Marc Montgomery and his father Dr. Louis Montgomery.

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2015 Iowa State Dental Convention April 30-May 2nd

“Always the Best” is the theme of this year’s Annual Session, put on by the Iowa Dental Association. It’s a beautiful day here in Des Moines and a few XLDent clients and friends have already stopped by to learn more about our Electronic Dental Record. The Exhibitors Reception on Thursday evening kicked off the festivities and we’re looking forward to meeting more dentists throughout the meeting. Guests in attendance will be offered special pricing on ePrescribe, XLPortal and SecureMail services throughout the session.

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2015 Star of the North Meeting

This year’s Star of the North meeting is bigger than ever.   As you can see by the picture, we have many doctors and staff stopping by to see how easy it is to use our electronic dental