The Buzz on DoseSpot’s EPCS Certification

See October 15, 2014 blog, e-Prescribing Blogby the DoseSpot e-Prescribing Integration Team on DoseSpot Completes Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances Certification with Drummond Group.

“Needham Heights, MA (PRWEB) October 15, 2014 - DoseSpot, an industry leader in e-Prescribing integration platforms for medical, dental and telehealth software, today announced that its software application has completed the required third-party Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) audit with Drummond Group Inc., a global software test and certification body that was approved by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to audit EPCS software applications.

DoseSpot selectively pursued EPCS Certification with Drummond Group, one of the first DEA approved certification bodies. “After undergoing Drummond Group’s extensive audit process and phased approach to understanding the EPCS requirements, DoseSpot may now deliver audited and trusted EPCS software to their customers,” said Aaron Gomez, Drummond Group’s Director of EPCS Auditing.

The audited EPCS software also incorporates industry leading two-factor authentication and identity proofing technologies to meet the requirements of the DEA Interim Final Rule for EPCS. “We strive to provide an easy-to-use e-Prescribing interface and our team has successfully incorporated the EPCS functionality without disrupting our existing user experience,” said Greg Waldstreicher, President, DoseSpot.

DoseSpot prescribers will now have the ability to e-Prescribe controlled substances in 49 states. “In less than six months, New York will be the first state to mandate e-Prescribing, including EPCS,” added Greg Waldstreicher. “We are committed to offering the best e-Prescribing integration experience for our current and future software customers and have made the process for enabling EPCS incredibly easy.”

For more information on DoseSpot’s EPCS software, please visit or contact Lindsay Walsh, Lindsay(at)dosespot(dot)com.”

Visit to learn more about Electronic Prescribing, and XLDent Dental Practice Management software, eSolutions and Products, or call 800-328-2925.


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SCDI Sponsored CE Course Highlights

Following the Standards Committee on Dental Informatics meetings Monday-Wednesday, the SCDI sponsored two standards-based CE courses at ADA 2014.  The courses were offered twice a day on Thursday-Friday and again on Saturday morning.  XLDent presented in the course entitled Standards for Exchange of Digital Images and EHR Data for Patient Treatment.  This course was presented by Dr. Gregory Zeller, SCDI Chairman, and demonstrated the transmission of HIPAA-compliant email with patient image and clinical summary attachments.

Vendor participation was crucial for a real-world presentation of these standards and demonstration of how email is sent through a Health Information Service Provider.  DataMotion™, located in Florham Park, New Jersey, acted as the third-party HISP and facilitated acquisition of direct email addresses for all of the vendor participants.

XLDent was selected by the SCDI to participate in this demonstration because of our leadership and focus on the further development of standards for the Electronic Dental Record.  Other vendors included XDR, Sirona and Medicor Imaging.  These vendors primarily focused on the transmission of DICOM images.  As a Dental Practice Management Software solution, XLDent was able to not only demonstrate the secure transfer of DICOM images, but also the transmission of Clinical Notes and Electronic Dental Record data.  Participants were able to see how streamlined the process of data export is in the XLDent paperless workflow and also got to see our mobile technology in action.

The courses were well attended and established a starting point for educating the ADA membership about standards and the secure transmission of PHI using direct protocols.  This a beginning.  However, it can only be truly successful when utilization of direct email addresses becomes the norm.  In the meantime, dental practices should protect email transmissions containing PHI utilizing high-grade encryption services like the SecureMail solution XLDent offers its clients.

It was a very busy week!  We made lots of new friends and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  A special thanks to the ADA and the other vendors that helped make this CE course possible!

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ADMC Meeting Inspiring Success

This years meeting is in San Antonio, TX.  This is our 4th year at the Academy of Dental Management meeting.  This meeting brings together the best of Dental consultants.  This year is even more exciting for us because many of the consultants have XLDent’s dental software and are seeing the true power of XLDents paperless workflow and it’s total mobility.  To see more, check out Dr. Tara Kaur on our new video at XLDent’s web-site.

Thank you to all consultants as well as the ADMC members for all your support for XLDent.

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2014 ADA Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX

XLDent is here in San Antonio, TX at the ADA Annual Session.  The beginning of our week started with SCDI Working Group Meetings and getting up to speed on various projects.  Most of our time was spent with the Subcommittee on Clinical Informatics chaired by Dr. Mark Diehl.  Working Group 11.1 (Standard No. 1080) is under this Subcommittee and is focused on developing an Implementation Guide for Standards in Clinical Data Architecture.  XLDent is actively participating in this workgroup to further development and implementation of a standard for the Electronic Dental Record and clinical charting.

At the meeting Dr. Greg Zeller introduced a subject for a possible new work item; it would cover what information is to be given to the patient when they request their information from their EHR.  This would be a new project based on the requirements of Proposed ANSI/ADA Standard No. 1080 for Implementation of ADA Standard No.1067 – EDR Standard Functional Requirements. Other members suggested it might not need to be a new standard but rather an implementation guide based on Meaningful Use or HIPAA requirements. Dr. Zeller asked the Subcommittee on Information Exchange to develop a new work item proposal for either a new standard or technical report.   Action Item: The ADA SCDI Subcommittee on Information Exchange will develop a new work item proposal for either a new standard or technical report on patient record set–EHR information provided to the patient.

Other working groups that sparked our interest include:

WG 10.4  Data Redundancy – Dr. Scott Benjamin

WG 10.10 Electronic Dental Claim – Dr. Carla Evans

WG 10.11 Guidelines for Hardware and Software – Dr. Mohaednazir Harunani

WG 10.14 IHE Dental Domain – Dr. Kirt Simmons

WG 10.15 Teledentistry – Open

WG 12.1 Digital Imaging – Dr. Scott Benjamin

Stay tuned for more news later….we will be at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center this afternoon running through a dress rehearsal for the CE classes being presented Thursday, Friday and Saturday on the Secure Exchange of Digital Images and EHR Data for Patient Treatment.

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Wisconsin User Meeting Fall 2014

XLDent hosted the User Meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Friday which brought clinical and administrative teams from Illinois and Wisconsin together to sharpen their XLDent skills.  The day was spent on Electronic Dental Records while going through the Circle of Treatment.  Special emphasis was put on establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), improving the patient experience, and tips to achieve workflow efficiency.  It also gave XLDent users an opportunity to share ideas and tips with other users.  Thank you to everyone who joined and to the Nexus 7 tablet winner Lori!

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North Dakota Annual Session

Wow, was it great to be back at the North Dakota Annual Meeting!   It’s been 15 years since I have been in Bismarck.  Duane Anderson has been handling the territory for that long!  We started developing clients here in 1981 when Dr. Bill Congdon became our first Dental Practice Management software client in Bismarck.   XLDent now has a very big foot print in the Dakota’s almost 33 years later and is instrumental in helping dental practices implement and transition to Electronic Dental Records.  Many clients stopped by the booth and thanked us for the years of wonderful service and support.  I must say that Duane Anderson and our support team are doing an outstanding job here in North Dakota.

Click here to see a video with Dr. William Turner from Rolla, ND (a longtime client of 20 years) and his father’s assistant, Denise who was voted Dental Assistant of the year!  Congratulations Denise!

Many thanks to all our XLDent clients for the warm welcome here in Bismarck, ND.

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Minnesota User Meeting Fall 2014

Doctors, Clinical Staff and Administrative Staff came together last Friday for an afternoon of learning at the XLDent User Meeting in Medina, Minnesota.  It was a day focused on Electronic Dental Records, as we took an in-depth journey through the patient Circle of Treatment.  Workflow efficiency tips, establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs),