2014 Midwest Dental Conference

XLDent just attended the 2014 Midwest Dental Conference with the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Dentistry.   This year’s theme was Hawaiian with everyone wearing flowers.  It was great to see many of our existing XLDent™ clients as well and new perspective doctors looking for a mobile solution.  Everyone that stopped by was able to check out the XLDent™ Electronic Dental Record and Tablet PC mobile technologies.

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2014 NDA Annual Session

XLDent just attended the 2014 Nebraska Dental Association Annual Session.  New this year was a Thursday evening welcome party with an Exhibit Hall preview.  It was a nice way to start the meeting and a great opportunity to talk with Doctors and guests about XLDent Dental Practice Management Software.  Friday was a day of CE Courses and the Exhibit Hall.  Everyone that stopped by the XLDent booth was able to check out the XLDent Electronic Dental Record.  Tablet PC and mobile technologies caught the interest of many as they learned more about XLDent.

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Minnesota User Meeting

XLDent hosted a User Meeting on Friday, March 21st in Medina, Minnesota.  A great group of Doctors, Clinical Staff and Administrative Staff gathered for an afternoon focused on Electronic Dental Records.  We took everyone on an in-depth journey through the patient Circle of Treatment while learning new workflow efficiency tips along the way.  We also looked at how establishing Standard Operating Procedures will help obtain an efficient and accurate Electronic Dental Record system.  Plus, those who attended saw some cool new features in the latest XLDent release.  Thank you to all who attended and a special congratulations to Kerry S. who won the Nexus 7 tablet giveaway.  Be sure to watch for more User Group Meetings coming to your area.  We look forward to seeing you all there!

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World Backup Day – March 31st

What would you do if you lost everything?

Join XLDent this year and mark March 31st on your calendar as World Backup Day. A growing number of companies are using this day to annually audit their processes and backed up files to ensure that they can restore business continuity in the event of a catastrophic server failure.

As an IT professional, nothing grabs my attention faster than four little words: “My server is down.” Immediately, a chain of events is triggered. How do we get the server running again? How do we restore the dental practice management software? Where are the backups?

Set aside time this year to ensure you can restore your patients’ electronic dental records. Who did the last backup? When? Where is it? Was it done correctly? Was it successful? Does it include everything needed? Too often these questions aren’t answered until it’s time to put everything back together.

If you are an XLBackup™ client, an audit service is built in to your off-site, data protection plan. XLBackup is a managed, fully automated, online, off-site, data protection service that can help you keep a potentially serious business risk under control. It can enable your organization to quickly restore lost files, images and critical data to get your office back up and running in a disaster recovery situation. XLBackup is compatible with all Dental Practice Management and Image Management solutions. It is a necessary component of your electronic dental records management. For more information and to take advantage of XLDent’s World Backup Day promotion, contact us at 866-450-6717

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Buzz about XLDent™

In a recent blog,  Emmott on Technology, Dr. Larry Emmott comments on XLDent’s ePrescribing feature.

“XLDent: Electronic Rx
by Larry Emmott on March 12, 2014
in Internet, Paperless

XLDent has released version 14.o with enhancements to address changes in the HITECH Act among others. XLDent is the only dental management software to offer integrated e-prescription.

XLDent™ is the first Dental Practice Management system to offer INTEGRATED ePrescribing services to help you complete your electronic dental health record.  In addition to the simplicity of sending prescriptions electronically, you will benefit from instant access to patient medication history lists, LexiComp’s medication database and dental specific information to help you improve patient outcomes.

I am not sure why we are still writing prescriptions on paper. At least I can print them rather than write them out like I did BC (Before Computer). ePrescriptions seems like such an obvious next step.

by: Larry Emmott at March 11, 2014.”

To learn more about Electronic Prescribing, other XLDent eSolutions and Dental Practice Management software products see www.xldent.com or call 800-328-2925.

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Back from the 2014 Chicago Midwinter Meeting!

We are now back from the 2014 Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting.  It was an exciting meeting for all who attended, starting with Thursday’s opening day of the Exhibit Hall the XLDent Dental Practice Management Software was a big hit.

From there we moved into Thursday evening with XLDent’s annual sponsored event at Ditkas.  Thank you to everyone who attended!  We appreciate your support of mobile technologies and the work XLDent is doing to further development of the Electronic Dental Record.

XLDent had numerous tablets and options on display, which sparked the interest of many doctors and dental team members.  We were busy with demonstrations up until the show closed on Saturday.

Looking forward to next year!

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More news from the ADA SCDI meetings in Chicago

The IHE Dental Domain group is meeting today at ADA headquarters to discuss the 2014 Annual Session Exhibit.  Topics this morning included a review of the SEDI profile and planning for the Teledentistry CE Course:  A live demonstration of secure exchange of digital images.  This teledentistry  demonstration will use standards in commercially available Dental Imaging and Dental Practice Management software systems to securely exchange and display digital dental images and other patient treatment data.

This course will evaluate Electronic Dental Record and Dental Imaging System features for successful teledentistry exchange of images and data among vendor systems.   Discussions will include real world methods of interoperable teledentistry exchange for patient treatment scenarios such as referrals, remote consultation, image submission to third party payers and patient transfers.   Trends for the use of informatics interoperability standards for teledentistry exchanges will also be discussed as part of this course.

Our agenda this afternoon includes the SCDI Plenary Meeting and setting up the XLDent booth at McCormick Place in preparation for the Chicago Midwinter Meeting Exhibit tomorrow.

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ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics in Chicago

Today XLDent is at ADA headquarters in Chicago, IL working on Standards for Clinical Architecture in the Electronic Dental Record.  As co-chair for working group 11.1, we’re responsible for defining the 1080 specification which is meant to be a guide for developers in the implementation of the 1067 specification.  As a national leader in Dental Practice Management Software development, XLDent is proud to be part of this two day meeting to further the development of a standard for Electronic Dental Records.  With advanced web-based dental solutions like ePrescribing, XLDent is staying in front of its future by helping to develop these standards.

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XLDent is in Nashville this week.

This week the NDC group is having their annual meeting in Nashville, TN. The NDC group is a highly respected group of independent dental distributors that support and sell XLDent Dental Practice Management Software.  Our mission this week is to help them better serve their dental clients with mobile, integrated software systems that help doctors improve clinical work flow and patient experiences.  This is our 9th year working with the NDC group.  We appreciate their partnership and shared commitment to the future of privatized dentistry.

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January Thaw at XLDent!

This past weekend temperatures soared to 40 degrees here in central Minnesota. It was truly a January Thaw! Now temperatures are settling in the low to mid 20′s and we are hopeful of more snow. Minnesota is a state of all season activities. In the winter time, XLDent staff enjoy ice fishing, skiing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing. Thus, our wish for more snow.

The recent warm weather put a fresh “spring” in our step this past week. We continue to develop content material for our new Electronic Dental Records Toolkit and Dental