2015 World Backup Day

I see it on my Facebook newsfeed nearly every week:  ”New phone, lost my contacts, text me your name so I can add you back in.”  As simple as it is to backup something as important to everyone’s everyday life, it seems like it seldom gets done.  Maybe it’s because it’s easy to get your friends to text you their number.  However, I don’t think it will work the same if you ever have to ask your clients to let you know their account balance.

As your practice grows, so does its digital footprint.  There are many ways to lose data, whether it be corruption, component failure, theft, fire, or even a disgruntled employee deleting files, but there is only one way to recover it and that is vigilance in creating and following the correct procedures to back up your electronic dental records and store them in a separate location.

As World Backup Day rolls around again on March 31st, we remind you to take some time to review backups and backup procedures.   If you have any questions about what needs to be backed up for any of your XLDent products, how to correctly perform a backup, and/or how to verify your backed up data please contact XLDent Support at 1-866-450-6717.

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U of M Dental Student Lunch and Learn

This afternoon Andre Montgomery was at the University of Minnesota Dental School talking to the students on the future of dental practice management software and the electronic dental record.  The students had some very good questions in regards to the cloud.  They were curious to know its benefits over traditional systems and also wanted to know how cost effective it was.  We discussed the advantages of XLDent’s hybrid system versus a system based solely in the cloud and how the monthly subscription costs of a dental web-based solution far exceed the cost of ownership of a server-based model over time.

The students were especially excited to see XLDent’s ease-of-use in the charting module, as well as the Tablet PC technology and its total mobility.   Several students commented that they were “blown away” by XLDent’s advanced technology and seamless integration with ePrescribing and digital x-ray technologies in comparison to the systems they are currently working with in school.

Most all of the students picked up XLDent’s new start-up flyer (a special promotion for new dentists in practice) with the idea that someday they would build or buy a practice with XLDent.

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XLDent participates in 2015 ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics Meetings in Chicago, Il.

As part of our visit to Chicago, we attended ADA Standards Committee meetings as co-chair of the working group 11.1 for Clinical Data Architecture Standards and observer to the SCDI Plenary meeting.  During our meeting on Tuesday afternoon our working group concluded that in order to move forward, we needed to reference the 1084, or core set of reference data document, that is currently under construction.

At the annual meeting in San Antonio in October of last year, a new working group was created to establish a core set of reference data for the clinical record.  Working group 11.9 is chaired by Dr. Amit Acharya and their first meeting took place Tuesday morning.  Working group 11.1’s approach to the 1080 Implementation Guide will in large part be driven by the resulting work (document 1084) of this group.  XLDent will be participating in construction of the 1084 document and looks forward to working with Dr. Acharya and the 11.9 working group in the coming months.

On Tuesday afternoon, we were all surprised when ADA President, Dr. Maxine Feinberg, addressed the SCDI attendees and expressed her gratitude for our input and the work being done to help make standards a reality in dentistry.  XLDent’s day of meetings wrapped up with a discussion led by Dr. Gregory Zeller on the format and content of the proposed 2015 Teledentistry Course.  XLDent again agreed to participate in this demonstration which will focus on the secure transmission of images and protected health information.  The course content will be very similar to last year with more examples of how to share PHI generated from an electronic dental records system, in addition to DICOM images.  The annual meeting will be held in Washington DC, November 5-7.

During the SCDI Plenary Meeting on Wednesday morning, we discovered that there is an ADA Technical Report in the works for Direct Secure Messaging in Dentistry.  Dr. Brent Dove, who was a driving force behind the associated 2014 CE course, is the author.  It was resolved, that the ADA SCDI approved forwarding the proposed ADA Technical Report No. 1085 for Direct Secure Messaging for Dentistry to the appropriate ADA Council for approval.

Now it’s time to head over to McCormick Place to set up the booth for the Chicago Midwinter Meeting.  If you will be attending, please stop by to see the XLDent Dental Practice Management System in booth #716!!


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XLDent’s EPCS Certification

See February 19, 2015 PRWeb blog, XLDent’s EPCS Certificationby the DoseSpot e-Prescribing Integration Team on XLDent successfully Completes Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances Certification with Drummond Group.

DoseSpot, an industry leader in e-Prescribing integration platforms for medical, dental and telehealth software, today announced that Professional Economics Bureau of America’s XLDent has successfully integrated DoseSpot’s EPCS certified module for Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS). In addition, XLDent successfully completed an EPCS integration review by Drummond Group and XLDent’s dental customers are now equipped to e-Prescribe controlled substances in 49 states.

“Following DoseSpot’s successful completion of EPCS certification last year, we are thrilled to be working with our existing customer base to provide EPCS capabilities within our easy-to-use prescribing interface” said Greg Waldstreicher, CEO, DoseSpot. The certification comes in advance of the New York state mandate whereby all prescriptions must be sent electronically including controlled substances. The mandate goes into effect March 27, 2015 and will have a major impact on the dental industry as dental providers are most frequently prescribing a combination of antibiotics and controlled substances.

The DoseSpot Dental platform integrated with XLDent offers dentists the ability to route e-Prescriptions to the patient’s pharmacy of choice after automatically checking for any drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions. “With the NY mandate on the horizon and recent reclassification of hydrocodone combination medications, it’s critical for dental providers to adopt an e-Prescribing solution capable of sending all prescriptions electronically” added Greg. “XLDent continues to be at the forefront of dental e-Prescribing and we’re excited to see what the future has in store for e-Prescribing in dentistry.”

“XLDent partnered with DoseSpot in 2011 to offer integrated e-Prescribing services when it was mandated by the state of Minnesota and now we’re excited to be one of the first dental software solutions to integrate EPCS capabilities into our Dental Practice Management and Electronic Dental Record offering” said Dawn Christodoulou, President, Professional Economics Bureau of America, Inc. “It continues to be a pleasure to work with DoseSpot, a company that shares in our vision to bring valuable, patient-centered solutions to the table.”

For more information on DoseSpot’s EPCS software, please visit http://www.DoseSpot.com or contact Lindsay Walsh, Lindsay(at)dosespot(dot)com.”

To learn more about Electronic Prescribing, XLDent Dental Practice Management software, eSolutions and Products, visit www.xldent.com or call 800-328-2925.

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See You There! 2015 Chicago Midwinter Meeting!

This year at the Chicago Midwinter meeting, XLDent will again be participating in ADA Standards Committee meetings.  As co-chair of the 11.1 working group, we hope to make progress on moving the Electronic Dental Record standard forward.  As it stands now, dentists participating in the EHR Medicare/Medicaid Incentive Program have to demonstrate Meaningful Use based largely on medically relevant criteria.

The workflow disruption and additional labor time required to capture information that is not mission critical in the delivery of dental care has made the prospect of receiving incentive dollars less and less attractive.  We are working hard to establish a meaningful standard for the dental specialties.

For the dental patient care industry, this translates into implementation of a standard through which electronic information about a patient’s treatment and need for treatment will be shared between specialties and primary care givers.  This prospect is very exciting for XLDent, as our mission focuses on creating efficiencies for our clients and on enhancing the standard of patient care for improved patient outcomes.

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Congratulations to AACD’s Newest Accredited Fellow!

Dr. Marc L. Montgomery of Woodbury, MN, is American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s newest Accredited Fellow.

Dr. Montgomery will be honored onstage at AACD 2015 in San Francisco. Fellowship is the highest level of achievement for AACD Members once they have achieved Accredited Member status.

We are very proud to have Dr. Montgomery as a long-standing XLDent client and congratulate him in receiving this prestigious honor.

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U of M Student Fair 2014

XLDent attended the University of Minnesota Dental School student fair this week.  Over 325 future dentists attended.  These future dentists saw how efficiently a paperless office can function using XLDent and the mobility of tablet PCs in the clinical area.  There were a