Spring Dental Dental Meetings

The Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta, GA occurred a couple of weeks ago and XLDent had the opportunity of attending to spend some time with our partners, Nashville Dental and Atlanta Dental.

We also had the opportunity to meet with some existing clients and some potential new customers to review the XLDent Dental Practice Management System as a total Electronic record with a mobile platform using the Tablet PC’s.

We always enjoy the Hinman and visiting with our partners, our customers and our dental industry colleagues.

See you next year at the Hinman!! Now on to the next Spring Dental Meeting!

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XLDent Exhibits at the Midwest Dental Conference in Kansas City

The Kansas City Midwest meeting is always fun to go to this time of year because everything is turning green and the tulips are in bloom.  We were able to visit with existing XLDent users as well as new dentists looking at XLDent’s Electronic Dental Record.  Many of the dentists were interested in seeing how they can use the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in a clinical setting. They see mobility as part of the future dental office.  Dr. Zervas and his wife, XLDent clients, stopped by to say hello.

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Camp Smile Opens A New Office Using XLDent & Mobile Tablets

Camp Smile Pediatric Dentistry opens a new office using the XLDent Dental Practice Management system and mobile tablets.

Camp Smile, located in Excelsior, hosted an open house last night to mark their grand opening.  It was a huge success! Many young families as well as fellow colleagues attended the opening.  Dr. Raether and Dr. Augustyn opened their original Plymouth location with XLDent in 2005.  Now they are the proud owners of this new pediatric practice in Excelsior, with Dr. Colin Maguire coming on board this June.  It was a real pleasure to see how they incorporated XLDent’s Electronic Dental Record system and mobile tablet technology in this beautifully designed office.  Using XLDent and tablets they were able to maximize the kid-friendly appeal – it’s all about kids!

Congratulations to everyone at Camp Smile from everyone at XLDent!  We are honored that you’ve selected XLDent as your Dental Practice Management and Clinical Records system.

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ImageXL 4 Release

XLDent is excited to announce the release of the newest version of its multifunctional image acquisition software, ImageXL 4.  ImageXL has gone through a major overhaul in regards to the look and feel of previous versions.  Updated menus, buttons, and interfaces highlight the new user experience, all while keeping the already developed functionality intact.

Along with the new look, additional features have been added to the software allowing for quick creation of custom single use layouts and an easy to use layout to capture images across multiple endodontic visits.  Among other items, the tooth controls have been enlarged for easier selection, we’ve expanded the print options, and the adjustment windows provide a better preview of any changes you have made.  Further explanation and demonstrations can be viewed in the ImageXL 4 Enhancements Webinar now available on our Clinical Imaging Webinar page.

This update is free of charge to all clients with an active Software Assurance Membership.  ImageXL users should be on the lookout for an email informing them that their update is ready for distribution.

With the release of ImageXL 4, development of version 3 has ended.  We cannot guarantee that new imaging/x-ray equipment will be compatible in old versions of the software.   If you are interested in more information or don’t want to wait for your notification email, contact an XLDent Implementation Specialist at 1-866-450-6717 to discuss your update.

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2015 World Backup Day

I see it on my Facebook newsfeed nearly every week:  ”New phone, lost my contacts, text me your name so I can add you back in.”  As simple as it is to backup something as important to everyone’s everyday life, it seems like it seldom gets done.  Maybe it’s because it’s easy to get your friends to text you their number.  However, I don’t think it will work the same if you ever have to ask your clients to let you know their account balance.

As your practice grows, so does its digital footprint.  There are many ways to lose data, whether it be corruption, component failure, theft, fire, or even a disgruntled employee deleting files, but there is only one way to recover it and that is vigilance in creating and following the correct procedures to back up your electronic dental records and store them in a separate location.

As World Backup Day rolls around again on March 31st, we remind you to take some time to review backups and backup procedures.   If you have any questions about what needs to be backed up for any of your XLDent products, how to correctly perform a backup, and/or how to verify your backed up data please contact XLDent Support at 1-866-450-6717.

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U of M Dental Student Lunch and Learn

This afternoon Andre Montgomery was at the University of Minnesota Dental School talking to the students on the future of dental practice management software and the electronic dental record.  The students had some very good question