Software Implementation & Training

Increased Profitability.  More Efficient Workflows.  Improved Patient Outcomes

Our primary goal is your success.  We want you to benefit from everything XLDent™ has to offer.

During the planning process our XLDent™ Specialists will work with you to make sure that your expectations and goals are properly matched with the number of training days.  All of the following will be taken into account when personalizing a training and implementation plan for your practice:

  • Number of staff members trained and current technology IQ.
  • Number of XLDent™ Suite products implemented and phase implementation strategy.
  • Number of current workflow/processes affected by the implementation.
  • Paperless goals and resulting workflow changes.

Our certified, experienced trainers will be in contact with you prior to the implementation to review the details of your session. 
They will:

  • Make recommendations about patient scheduling during training.
  • Request that you assign administrative and clinical team leads as "go-to-staff" immediately following the training.
  • Request that the doctor be present for all paperless charting and imaging training. 
  • Recommend that you re-write job descriptions and address assignment of responsibilities when transitioning to a paperless charting/centric patient records environment.

You can be confident that your session will be a success when you follow our recommended implementation and training proposal.