New Client Experience

Our primary goal is your success.  Your training session doesn't end on the last day of your installation.

We know that old habits are hard to break and transitioning to new software can be a difficult task.  Your trainer will communicate vital information from the training session to the Support Team here at XLDent™.  Our certified New Client Experience Specialists will seamlessly continue working with your staff so that your transition is smooth, progressively moving forward and not disruptive to your core business functions.  Your assigned New Client Experience Specialist will call your office regularly to make sure you're doing fine.  They will proactively check with your team leaders and assess their software utilization on the following core elements:

  • Review support tools and services available during the critical transition period.
  • Ensure client's core business functions are in place and processing through the software (i.e. Recare processing, Billing, Claims processing, Management reporting.)
  • Verify data backup procedures.
  • Verify paperless workflow adherence.
  • Verify understanding of key features (i.e. Benefit Plans, Treatment Plans, Progress Notes, eMessaging.)

You can trust that with XLDent's devoted team of certified professionals, you will not have to transition alone!