Digital Image Attachment (NEA)

Digital Image Attachments improve revenue cycles by allowing providers to efficiently transmit x-rays, perio charts, narratives, or any other documentation required by an insurance payer to adjudicate a dental claim.  This service is available to any dental practice, regardless of dental practice management system.


Key Benefits:NEA_Xray_Combo.png

  • Eliminates lost or damaged attachments
  • Speeds up claim and pre-determination processing
  • Reduces your follow up time with payers
  • Know what they need before you send it with access to online payer attachment requirements
  • Web-based.  Saves on postage and printing costs
  • Invite your colleagues to view xrays and other images for cases you are collaborating on (FastLook included)
  • NEA is the recognized leader in electronic attachments
  • For a list of Dental Payers Online click here.

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